02 Nov 2021 · 3 min read

Dogelon Mars, You can't teach an old Doge New tricks: Enter HUH Token

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

In 2020, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, and Dogecoin had their best year ever.

The currencies brought in billions of dollars for investors, setting the future of their market success. Many people acted on financial data by investing rashly. 

However, when individuals buy into cryptocurrencies, they begin supporting an environmentally degrading industry, expanding their carbon footprints. Unlike paper, crypto is a digital exchange and requires computing power to exist. A global market that relies on electricity increases atmospheric degradation, generally minimising the industry’s sustainability, although some currencies seem to be more environmentally conscious HUH.

Environmental Ignorance

One example of a not so environmentally friendly cryptocurrency is Dogelon Mars. 

Dogecoin had an impact on Dogelon Mars and its success and follows this pattern, with the first word in its name referring to the 'doge' meme and Elon Musk's first name. The second word 'Mars' referring to the billionaire's interplanetary business interests (SpaceX) and position as a space enthusiast and exploration proponent.

Elon Musk is not officially associated with this project.

A quick cursory examination at the Dogelon's website reveals that its project advertising, including on-site material, closely follows traditional 'meme coin' expectations and environmental disregard. 

While it does provide necessary information such as tokenomics and analytics, it also shares screen space with a comic book and the project's 'about' section, which makes no attempt to look serious. 

The modus operandi is to form a multi-planetary system, become alien settlers, terraform mars and create a Martian city through the creation of an interplanetary currency.

The founder of Dogelon has this ambitious goal of making Mars habitable for humans wishes to call this city colony - Dogelon.

Environmental Impact

Not only are these desires extremely optimistic, but they are also ignorant to the environmental impact the goal would have. Most cryptocurrencies simply don't care about their environmental impact, this one seems to be encouraging it. HUH token, a novel community-based currency with earth and its citizens in mind.  

HUH token

The HUH Token is a cryptocurrency that will reveal its release date this coming Thursday (04/11/2021) and is currently in pre-sale. 

The founders state that they want to "disrupt the status quo and establish a source of income for everyone."- a very worldly objective that appears to be motivated by benevolence and wealth sharing

 According to the website of the HUH Token creators, they have established a means for investors to make additional revenue passively through a specially built referral system.

HUH Token is a cryptocurrency with a clever and straightforward referral mechanism. This recommendation system, in principle, has the power to bring people together and distribute gains.  

The concept is that if you suggest someone, you will get 10% of their first purchase and you both receive a sales tax reduction between 10 to 20%.

Not only is there a focus on community but for the first 1,000,000 wallet holders, there will be an individual tree planted by Eden Projects.

Eden Projects is a non-profit organisation that works in underdeveloped nations to restore natural environments that have been ruined by deforestation.

Eden works directly with towns and people that are experiencing extreme poverty as a result of deforestation and degradation of the soil that nourishes them.

Every year, the group hires thousands of local villagers and gives them the information and equipment they need to plant, develop, and protect millions of trees to maturity. This seems consistent with the goals and direction HUH token is demonstrating. 

HUH Token has stated the official release of their website is Wednesday the 10th at noon (GMT – 4).