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Digital Asset Investment Funds Record $598 Million Inflows as Yearly Gains Tap $5.7 Billion

David Pokima
Last updated: | 2 min read
Digital Asset Investment Funds Record $598 Million Inflows as Yearly Gains Tap $5.7 Billion

Digital asset investment funds recorded $598 million in inflows in the last seven days as Assets Under Management (AUM) reached $67.4 billion.

A new CoinShares Digital Asset Weekly Funds Flow Report shows increased activity around cryptocurrency investment products and the broader market.

Digital asset inflows hit $598 million last week, with Bitcoin price maintaining momentum despite slight sell-offs.

The inflow in the last seven days marked a consecutive fourth week of gains on the back of spot ETF inflows in the market. This year inflows have soared past $5.7 billion as traditional investors increase their exposure to the asset.

Institutional Market Drives Digital Asset Products

Institutional investors remain the most significant determinant of the market upswing, with present inflows going up  55% from volumes recorded in 2021. This signals higher institutional demand for digital assets, with funds expecting further growth.

2021 is seen as a major bull cycle as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) soared above $64,000, which positively influenced other altcoin price performance as well.

The bull market also saw broader market capitalization and decentralized finance (DeFi) figures hit new highs amid surging activity.

With the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, it is expected that more inflows will be recorded throughout the new investment window.

These inflows and price surges have pushed the current AUM to $67.4 billion, although it even reached $68.3 billion earlier in the week. Institutional fund AUM reached its highest point since December 2021, still short of its $87 billion all-time high in November 2021.

Bitcoin Leads Weekly Inflows

As anticipated, the market leader saw $570 million in inflows last week, with yearly figures reaching $5.6 billion. At press time, Bitcoin trades at $51,353, down 1.48% in the last seven days.

Due to this, short-Bitcoin posted slight inflows of $3.9 million. The market leader AUM stands at $49.5 billion after $4.1 billion in monthly flows.

Looking at altcoins, Ethereum (ETH) recorded $17 million in inflows continuing its rise following reports of institutional demand around the asset. Ethereum trades at over $3,000 with a 6.1% increase in the last seven days, spurring gains.

Digital asset commentators project a potential uptick in the asset products as institutions eye a spot Ethereum ETF approval in the United States.

Other altcoins also recorded slight inflows, although recent events around Solana (SOL) saw its post $3 million outflows. Per CoinShares:

Chainlink and XRP saw inflows of $1.8 and $1.1 million respectively. Recent outages for Solana have likely impacted sentiment and consequently saw outflows of $3 million.” 

Regionally, the United States dominated global numbers with $610 million gains, while Brazil and Switzerland saw $8.2 million and $2.1 million inflows, respectively.