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DeeStream Thrives Against Market Odds, Attracting Ripple & Litecoin Investors in Q2


The second quarter of 2024 hasn’t been exactly generous to Ripple and Litecoin investors, with both coins underperforming. Ripple XRP is down month over month, while Litecoin has seen only tiny gains. So, it goes without saying that investors are looking for something a little more substantial to sink their teeth into.

Enter DeeStream, a decentralized video platform that is attracting Ripple and Litecoin investors by the truckload. With a clear purpose and broad appeal, plus its highly attractive stage 2 presale price of $0.06, investors are jumping aboard the train without hesitation.

Ripple XRP Is Down Almost 13% Month over Month

The first month of Q2 2024 has not been good to Ripple XRP. The cryptocurrency has experienced a decline of almost 13%. Therefore, it is currently trading at $0.53 from almost $0.63. Though it hit a low of $0.43 on April 14, it shows that things could be worse. 

While the annual chart looks somewhat better, it’s not really all that impressive for the price. Ripple has only seen gains of 13% year over year, starting at $0.46. Furthermore, it’s been a very choppy ride to get to this point. It did achieve a high of $0.82 last year in July 2023, but it simply couldn’t hold on to those gains. 

Analysts are also uncertain about Ripple’s future. Some feel it will trade between a range of $0.3 and $0.98 for the rest of the year. Others are far more optimistic that it could get as high as $4. However, considering that Ripple’s all-time high was $3.84 back in January 2018, some analysts feel this is unlikely.

Litecoin LTC Is Up a Mere 2.7% Month over Month

While not as disappointing as Ripple, Litecoin hasn’t exactly impressed with its performance in Q2 2024. LTC is up a mere 2.7% (or down 2.7% – depending on when one looks at the chart). It’s currently trading at around $84.5, from $86.41 a month ago. Again, a slight move can change that percentage into the negatives with the crypto market so volatile and the price so close to the starting price. 

On an annual basis, things don’t look much better. It’s down 2.32% from $86.8. Essentially, it’s pretty much trading sideways, even if it’s a very choppy path. For example, it hit a high of approximately $113 in July 2023, but it also dropped to a low of around $58 in September.

However, analysts seem to be rather bullish on Litecoin. Some expect it to reach at least $103 by the middle of 2024, while others expect it to go as high as $195 by the end of the year. 

DeeStream DST Promises Impressive Returns Due to Purpose and Broad Appeal

DeeStream DST is one of the cryptos that is thriving in this volatile market simply because it’s more than just a token. It’s a platform with a clear purpose, namely to deliver the video content people want to make to people who want to see it. And that’s without arbitrary censorship, which has become the norm among legacy video platforms. 

In other words, DeeStream has a clear business model that has already proven successful. While traditional platforms are ruining it and only surviving because they’re the only option, DeeStream plans on doing things right.

They’re offering instant payouts, attractive revenue splits, and, most importantly, they won’t be banning people for saying the wrong word, as YouTube and Twitch are wont to do. Apparently, YouTube has forgotten that it’s a platform and should be neutral. And they’ve developed the bad habit of taking people’s livelihoods away if they don’t agree with their opinion. 

That’s precisely why DeeStream will easily compete with them and others in the space. So, it’s natural that investors are jumping on board the DeeStream train early to make sure they can take advantage of the attractive stage 2 price of $0.06, thereby maximizing their returns. It also doesn’t hurt that presale token holders will play a role in the platform’s governance and get a 50/50 revenue split. 

For more information on DeeStream’s stage two presale, please check out the website here.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.