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Dash 2 Trade Presale Raises $11m, Only 10 Days Left to Invest – Beta Dashboard Live January 5th

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 5 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

London, England, Tuesday 27th December 2022 – There are just 10 days left to invest in one of the hottest ICO of the year, as trading intel platform Dash 2 Trade raises $11 million ahead of the beta release of its analytics and signals dashboard.

Investors have now scooped up 83% of the D2T tokens on sale so there is no time to waste to secure what could be one of the best profit-generators of 2023. 

The Dash 2 Trade token – D2T – is priced at $0.0533. At the start of the presale D2T was priced at $0.0476. 

In a little more than two months, the Dash 2 Trade analytics and signals platform has garnered considerable investor interest and support. 

The organic growth of Dash 2 Trade’s vibrant community has seen 28,000 investors attracted to its Telegram channel and a further 37,000 on Twitter.

The attractiveness of the Dash 2 Trade business proposition has grown significantly against the backdrop of the FTX implosion, which has heightened demand for due diligence tools and high-quality market intelligence. 

70,000-strong community and beta of presale section of dashboard goes live on 5th January

Most impressively for a brand new project, Dash 2 Trade already has a 70,000-strong community of traders behind it, thanks to its partnership with Learn 2 Trade.

The good news for investors doesn’t stop there. On 5th January Dash 2 Trade will be launching the beta of the presale section of its dashboard.

In an industry first, Dash 2 Trade will be inviting members of the community to road test its leading-edge analytics and scoring system for the roughly 20-30 crypto project presales that are launched every week.

The live beta means that retail investors will have all the power tools they might need at their fingertips to make sense of what’s happening in the presale arena. Presales continue to be the most profitable sector of crypto.

A YouTube showcase of the presale section of the dashboard has been released to provide prospective investors with a tangible window on the project they are investing in – that’s something presale projects are rarely able to do.

Dash 2 Trade fundraising accelerates, so get in fast

Over the past 24 hours nearly $500,000 has been contributed by investors as fear of missing out develops around the trading signals project. 

In order to access the ecosystem users must pay with the D2T token, providing the utility coin with its value. 

The current bear market notwithstanding, investor interest in projects with strong use cases and the potential to generate significant revenues is still solid.

Indeed, the impact of the recent turmoil and drawdowns in value has sharpened investor appetite for projects that are able to show they can execute on product development.

Dash 2 Trade received $200,000 in venture capital seed funding earlier in 2022 which has allowed it to accelerate its development of the centerpiece of its ecosystem – the analytics dashboard where actionable metrics and other data provides customers with actionable curated signals.

Dash 2 Trade steals a march on competitors like Cryptohopper and Maxxer

Its talented team of quants, traders and devs – many of whom cut their teeth at Learn 2 Trade, advanced product development and continued robust product fundraising, Dash 2 Trade is projected by analysts to deliver 10x gains going into the new year.

Unlike other projects that concentrate on a discrete area of the market, Dash 2 Trade’s target audience is everyone that trades or holds investments in crypto.

There are a variety of products and services catering for the needs of crypto investors looking to maximize their returns,  such as Cryptohopper which includes backtesting, Maxxer which provides signals, or analytics sites such as Glassnode and Messari. 

Other competitors, such as Cointelegraph Markets Pro, also provide on-chain analytics but supplemented with technical indicators and data feeds.  

But none of the competitors above bring all of these trading tools, metrics and signals together in one place in a unified fully-powered platform in the way Dash 2 Trade is able to – not to mention the elements that none of the others have such as presale scoring. 

As part of its professional-grade suite of tools and metrics, Dash 2 Trade also includes social trading, market sentiment analysis and auto-trading API. 

Also, the focus on under-researched high-alpha presales, means the project has every chance of becoming the market leader. 

The social trading aspect will be enhanced by trading competitions in which all users will be able to take part and win prizes off the back of their trading returns performance.

The ultimate test will be in the returns it produces for users. Crypto market participants will be able to get some insights on that when the beta of the presale section of the dashboard goes live in a few days.

Current market leaders such as Cryptohopper, with anywhere between 500,000 and as many as two million users by some estimates, will be getting worried.

Dash 2 Trade is revolutionizing the trading intel marketplace – it is opening the way to market-beating returns previously the preserve of crypto pros and whales with the resources, tools and connections to bolster their chances of successful trading outcomes.

Dash 2 Trade presale project scoring system a new benchmark for savvy traders

The presale scoring system encompasses crucial metrics, such as whether the team behind the project is doxxed, the audit status of the smart contract, the tokenomics of the project, and details such as vesting, raise amounts, and so forth. 

Dash 2 Trade’s scoring system could become the new benchmark in the market for ranking presale projects. 

The presale scoring will enable investors to easily rank presales and help them to conduct deep and thorough research with reliable information gleaned from automated systems and human intervention.

Dash 2 Trade is a subscription service that provides institutional-grade features and metrics at a fraction of the cost of competing systems, such as the Bloomberg Terminal or a Glassnode enterprise account. 

Subscriptions will be paid for with the D2T token, thus providing permanent and  increasing demand for the utility token.

3 CEX listings lined up and DEX option too

Dash 2 Trade has signed deals with three top centralized exchanges –  Changelly ProLBank and BitMart.

If you prefer the self-custody options of decentralized exchanges, D2T is also listed on Uniswap.

Many of the traders and quants behind Dash 2 Trade have also worked at Learn 2 Trade. What they gleaned from that experience is being put to good use in the building of Dash 2 Trade. 

After receiving seed funding earlier this year, Dash 2 Trade has completed all of its Q4 2022 targets. 

Where and how to buy D2T token 

You need USDT (Tether) or ETH to invest in the presale. For those who do not have a funded crypto wallet, they can buy ETH with a debit or credit card directly on the Dash 2 Trade site

Mobile users are best served by using Trust Wallet and navigating to the presale page through the built-in Trust Wallet browser.

Dash 2 Trade smart contract code is fully audited by SolidProof and the team is verified by Coinsniper.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.