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Crypto’s First Web3 Portal Launchpad Starts Presale Today – Raises $140,000 Almost Instantly

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 5 min read
Source / Launchpad

Friday April 28 2023 – Web3 portal Launchpad (LPX) has started its presale with a bang – raising $142,000 in the space of a few minutes.

The LPX token is on sale today for $0.035 in the first stage of a 10-stage presale.

As the name suggests, Launchpad is creating the most accessible way for ordinary people to enter the world of Web3 decentralized products and applications.

From games to a host of upcoming decentralized services, from data storage and sharing to ride-hailing, in time all will be available through interaction with Launchpad and its LPX token.

Opening The Doors To Web3

Up until now, for the man or woman in the street Web3 either means nothing, or, if they have heard about it, they have no idea how to get involved. 

Often, even for crypto natives, onboarding can be a stressful challenge. 

You have to find the right wallet, use the correct asset on the right chain, all while making sure you are interacting in a secure manner that doesn’t put your funds at risk.

It is this sort of friction that hampers adoption of Web3 products. 

Self-custody is a great idea but in practice is hard to implement in a user-friendly way. It is this major problem that Launchpad solves with its family of products and services.

Ordinary consumers find Web3 intimidating but they are not alone. 

Companies that might be interested in getting involved in the space, perhaps initially to attract a younger demographic to their brand and business before wider adoption, face similar barriers to entry, but perhaps even more so.

The damage to a company brand by partnering with a Web3 project that either fails or does not deliver on the experience and product it originally promised, could be catastrophic for a brand.

The Launchpad (LPX) provides companies with a trusted framework to enable global brands such as Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola to easily launch Web3 experiences for their customers and clients.

For sure, there are plenty of platforms that offer entry to a Web3 service or experience, but these are all partial approaches. 

None seeks to be a portal for the full range of possibilities of the Web3 ecosystem, thereby providing an opening for Launchpad (LPX).  

Launchpad’s mission is not only to become the central portal for an individual to identify products and platforms relevant to their interests – it also seeks to empower engagement by eliminating as much friction as possible.

Millions Expected To Onboard With Easiest Web3 Wallet

At the center of the ecosystem sits the Launchpad Web3 wallet. 

Staying true to its mission of putting usability first, users only need to provide a phone number or email to get up and running with their wallet. 

The Launchpad wallet lets users connect seamlessly to Web3 services.

You can also swap tokens, hold self-custody of assets, interact with DApps (decentralized applications), sign into Web3 services as well as browse Web3 experiences.

Hundreds of Assets on Latest DEX in Crypto

The ecosystem also includes a decentralized exchange (DEX), providing traders of all levels with the tools and data they need to trade successfully. 

For those new to trading, easy onboarding and actionable insights will bring in millions of new users. 

The DEX will have markets in 100s of asset pairs.

 In later releases, there will be perpetual futures contracts for selected asset pairs. 

A staking facility for the $LPX token will reduce traders’ exchange fees.

How Launchpad Could Become a dYdX Killer

Launchpad provides best-in-class market and on-chain data for tokens. 

For instance, Launchpad users will be able to identify the exchanges with the best liquidity (both DEX and CEX), find investment opportunities and access actionable trading insights from top traders. 

There are many more features, with more to be added over time.

Importantly, when the perpetuals and leverage are introduced, traders will have the ability to hedge their positions and limit exposure to sudden market movements, thanks to the automated design and security of the Launchpad decentralized exchange.

Launchpad’s DEX has similarities with dYdX, such as the interest depositors (stakers) can earn from putting grounds on the network. 

As centralized exchanges struggle with the aftermath of the FTX failure and the unfavorable light shone and that part of the crypto industry, Launchpad’s DEX will be coming to market at exactly the right time.

The potential of the LPX price to moon in the same way that dYdX has, is immense. 

Complementing the DEX is a fully featured API-driven trading terminal, where the insights referred to above can be actioned in timely fashion with the help of bespoke indicators tailored to each user’s needs and requirements.

Cross-Reference Every NFT Marketplace On One Decentralised Platform

The Launchpad also provides a way to search on any NFT marketplace, with a curation system that shows in real-time those NFTs most in demand. 

Users will be able to quickly identify new releases and even curate their own NFT and exclusive deals will be made available to those who list, stake or custody blue-chip NFTs. 

There will also be an NFT decentralized exchange. 

Fees on the NFT DEX are reduced for stakers.

Most Powerful Web3 Presale and P2E Game Discovery Platform In The Space

Additional major services include a Web3 presales discovery platform and a hub for play-to-earn (P2E)  games. 

Projects will be able to host their token presales on Launchpad, providing a streamlined claiming service for contributors via the Launchpad wallet. 

The hosting service is a one-stop shop for those who want to quickly find the best Web3 presales. 

Games are one of the most popular sectors in crypto and is growing fast. Launchpad organizes the P2E space with its P2E Hub. 

Users can browse extensive collections of games, see their potential earnings and actively participate and watch others play live.

On top of the P2E Hub, Launchpad hosts a Metaverse Experience Library, letting users browse through every metaverse platform and experience that they desire. 

Launchpad users can discover brand experiences while enjoying metaverse interactions to help them decide which one is best.

How to Buy Launchpad (LPX) today?

For investors looking for a crypto project that has a business model that can disrupt multiple industries and onboard millions of users, then Launchpad should be the number one choice.

The team’s initial goal is to attract 10 million users to its platform. 

That is ambitious, but with its innovative wallet and portal, Launchpad has the tools to succeed. Don’t miss the boat – invest today.

Buy LPX Here

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.