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Crypto.com App to Accept Apple Pay for Crypto Purchases in US

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The crypto exchange and payments company Crypto.com (CRO) announced on Friday that it now accepts Apple Pay in its app for US users.

According to an announcement from Crypto.com, the company’s app will from now on allow users to buy crypto seamlessly using Apple Pay, a popular mobile payment solution that comes built-in on all Apple iPhones.

For now, the new payment option is only available to users in the US, excluding residents of New York state and US Territories.

Crypto.com stated that the feature will be rolled out “progressively” to other countries in the future.

To use the new payment option, users will need to first add their debit or credit card to the Apple Wallet on their iPhone. From there on, Apple’s payment app can easily be used to pay for crypto purchases, the announcement said.

Per the purchasing instructions, there is an "a 2.99% [processing fee] required for every card purchase."


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