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CryptoBrawlers Adds a Fresh Spin on the NFT Token Craze

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.


With a strong vintage design and innovative game mechanics, CryptoBrawlers adds a fresh spin on the non-fungible token craze. Not only are these NFT cards unique and beautifully drawn, they can also be put to the test against other cards. The cool part about these NFTs? If you’re feeling brave, you may choose to throw your card into an all-or-nothing battle. If you lose, you permanently lose your card to another player. Talk about high stakes!


The cards themselves are elegantly crafted. It’s obvious that the artist chosen had a particular aesthetic that the CryptoBrawlers team wanted to achieve. The still images have a dynamism and character to them that makes them unique and obviously a ‘CryptoBrawler’ card. I mean check out that Takei Ichikawa – The Sumotori card, the Sumo wrestler-looking card. The man’s posture almost looks like a spider, adding an alien-like quality to the humanoid man. It’s detailed like these design choices that make a world of difference when delving into NFT art.


The color on the cards denotes rarity, which often affects their strength and speed attributes. The purple color in the middle, for example, is an Epic rarity and the light blue is a Rare rarity. Common cards have a white background. If you mint your own and get an Orange-colored card, congrats. You’ve opened a legendary card. Only one legendary card of each brawler exists. And overall, the amount of legendaries will only be in the 10s once every single card is released. This kind of rarity feature is great for a card game. It makes opening a rare card feel ecstatic.


The descriptions are also comedic gold with a literary side. Apparently Rapty – The Dyno was cloned because he was bit by a mosquito which preserved the DNA in cryostasis, hinting at the science fiction elements of Jurassic Park. You can’t help laughing at the cortical implant description in which someone under control was sleeping on the job, which he got severance…in the form of his head. With witticisms like these, it’s obvious that every single card’s description was created with care. It’s hard not to be charmed by them.

With how wonderfully the NFTs are designed, you’d be wondering why anyone would want to pit them against another. There are battles going on all the time and a leaderboard that shows the wins and losses. The people on top are truly daring players. Each time they fight, they are risking their card being taken by someone else. So if you’re near the top, you’re pretty fearless.

CryptoBrawlers also runs weekly competitions for the most wins, fights and losses. Winners of these get a random free brawler NFT. So if you’re feeling bold, the rewards are high if you manage to emerge victorious.


Your CryptoBrawler won’t ever be pitted against another brawler with stats that are way lower or way higher than yours. This makes combat a lot spicier. You never know which one is going to win since, even though the stats are similar, the fights have a dice roll mechanic that makes it so that anyone can win the matchup. There are, however, hidden tactics you can use according to the CryptoBrawlers team, which players can find out for themselves.


The fights are based on a D20 dice roll system. In the fight above, Rapty rolled well and managed to win the fight, with Irina losing. Every battle is provable and happens on the blockchain, making each of your victories permanently immortalized on-chain.

If you want to get in on the action, act sooner than later. The first ones that were minted, which have already been sold out, cost 0.05 ETH. The ones being minted right now cost 0.1 ETH. The next ones that are going to be minted are 0.15 ETH and so on. So if you are looking to grab the early editions before they get more expensive, the sooner you get your brawler, the better.


Overall, if you want well-designed cards with the added option of being able to battle them in high stakes, CryptoBrawlers have NFTs that you should think about adding to any NFT collection.