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Crypto Whales are Adding These Altcoins to Their Portfolios Before the Next Bull Market – Find Out Why

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After yesterday’s market drop, stocks continued to tumble today. As for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they remained flat in the morning but have started seeing some slight losses later in the day. Despite these recent losses, cryptos are still up from where they were a week ago.

Although the cryptocurrency market is still in bear territory, now may be a good time to start DCA investing, as bear markets are opportunities to buy assets at a lower price before the next bull market. Token presales should also be on any crypto investor’s radar, as one can often find highly discounted tokens before they appear on the main market and take off.

Out of the countless presale tokens, you should narrow your list down to those with a clear use case, proven demand, and an experienced team. Crypto whales are backing some such promising projects now that are doing extremely well in their presales even in this bear market, including IMPT, D2T, TARO, and RIA.


The IMPT token makes it easy to contribute money towards climate change initiatives. Companies that want to support eco-sustainability projects can buy and sell carbon credits, which will then be used to fund these types of programs around the world. This system provides companies with ESG friendly operations easier access to funds and gives their customers/users an opportunity to support the company’s causes.

Consumers who shop at any of the affiliate companies will receive IMPT tokens as rewards. These tokens can then be traded for carbon credits on the blockchain, 24/7/365. IMPT’s innovative platform has already partnered with over 25,000 affiliates- including big names such as Netflix and Microsoft.

So far, IMPT has raised around $14.5 million from presale investors, which is a good sign that it will continue to do well even during the bear market and will likely take off in the next bull run.

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a new platform that will offer cryptocurrency investors sentiment tracking, data analysis, and strategy-building tools. Some features of the soon-to-launch platform include: buy/sell trading signals, social sentiment analysis, on-chain analysis for identifying trending coins, social trading tools that make it easy to try new strategies Coin Scorecards to assess crypto presales.

To date, the presale for D2T tokens has generated $8.8 million dollars and is now in stage 4, it’s final stage, with 67% of tokens sold. Without the D2T token, users cannot access many of Dash 2 Trade’s platform functions.

The D2T presale dashboard beta will be released soon, and the website has several new features, including pictures of the dashboard and a matrix comparing it to similar products. You can also find information about the team on the site.

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RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is a metaverse gaming platform that merges play-to-earn gameplay with NFTs and worldbuilding. In RobotEra, players take control of robot companions to explore and rebuild the destroyed planet of Taro. With the in-game tools, players can build their own robots and other assets without any coding knowledge.

Players in RobotEra can make some quick cash by participating in activities like quests, community events, and staking. Players can also sell space on billboards or structures in the game world. And if you’re feeling extra creative (or entrepreneurial), players can host events and charge admission fees.

In 2023, the project plans to integrate virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) into the game. With such a variety of features, RobotEra players will be able to create and monetize their own worlds, making the game and token resilient to the bear market and setting it up for the next bull run.

Since presale launch, RobotEra has raised over $403,000.

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Calvaria (RIA)

The game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity lets players use NFT trading cards to build strategies and go up against each other in an after-life inspired world.

NFTs in Calvaria’s internal marketplace are bought and traded using RIA tokens. In addition, holders of the digital asset have governance power over the game’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The token can also be staked by individuals interested in generating extra income passively.

So far, the game’s presale has raised $2.25 million out of $3 million, and developers are ending it earlier than planned. There will be only 150 million tokens available instead of the original 300 million.

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