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Crypto Volatility Heightens Interest in DeeStream Where Toncoin & Bitcoin Investors See a Path to 50X Profits

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


With only five days left before the Bitcoin halving, potential buyers are getting cold feet due to the price volatility. However, buyers are willing to take short-term exposure to risk when it comes to new airdrops, mints, and tokens with the lowest possible price. Toncoin is one of the platforms offering those opportunities, but buyers are also flocking to the DeeStream presale, which has a 50X growth potential and solid token utility. 

Bitcoin Miners in No Hurry for Halving

Bitcoin miners are not overdoing their activity, meaning there are five more days of block time until the halving. The event has already been hyped and is considered key to the 2024 bull rally. However, with the recent correction, Bitcoin’s halving event may have a relatively small effect on the price. 

The halving will bring scarcity for new coins, but there is plenty of Bitcoin still available for sale. Inflows to exchanges have been positive in the last week, signaling readiness to sell and lock in profits. At the same time, large-scale entities are also buying, taking up to 400 Bitcoin off the market in a single deal. 

In 2024, Bitcoin may also benefit from its decentralized ecosystem. Ordinals grew in value, and new projects may try to use the Bitcoin protocol to build decentralized exchanges and liquidity pools. 

Toncoin Aims to Survive with Meme Hype

Toncoin, the native Telegram asset, is betting on its lively community for a boost in popularity. Toncoin was also an outlier, rising to $6.58 in the middle of the market correction. Having Toncoin may open access to new mints and airdrops, boosting hype and presence on social media. 

One of the main reasons for the attention toward Toncoin is the appearance of new meme tokens. As with similar assets, they attract buyers with a 100X potential for growth. 

Thus, Toncoin is sharing exposure similar to Solana and is being revived as a source of risky but low-priced tokens. 

DeeStream Launches Stage 2 Token Presale

DeeStream offers an opportunity similar to Toncoin, with a clear path to 50X profits. All DeeStream tokens have the potential for becoming blue chip assets, with utility in a game streaming ecosystem. 

DeeStream aims to onboard streamers in a maximally simplified process. All content creators will be able to receive direct support from their fans. Owning DeeStream tokens will be key for the growth of the decentralized streaming platform. 

DeeStream will offer significantly lower fees than other streaming platforms and issue immediate payments, with no waiting period before the funds reach the creator’s wallet. Token holders will also be key to the future of DeeStream as they vote on improvement proposals.

The presale aims to onboard early adopters at the lowest possible price, only $0.055 at stage 2 of the presale. DeeStream will only ever generate 300M tokens and ensure their future with lifetime locked liquidity. The team allocation will also remain transparent and locked in a wallet for 1,000 days.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.