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This Crypto Has Just Signed an Affiliate Deal with Amazon – Huge Pump Incoming?

Jamie McNeill
Last updated: | 1 min read

IMPT is a brand new cryptocurrency project that is focused on revolutionizing the space of carbon credits, seeking to put them on-chain in an attempt to dramatically improve the efficiency and transparency of the industry, and to incentivize their users to “shop responsibly”.

IMPT shopping platform now boasts over 25,000 partners, including Amazon

The team at IMPT has been extremely busy over the past few weeks, having dramatically enhanced their product offering through their affiliate partnership program with over 25,000 different brands being added to their shopping platform. 

These brands include some of the largest companies in the world, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Gamestop, River Island, and more. 

The ESG industry continues to explode 

The ESG industry has been dramatically expanding over the past few years and is expected to continue to grow in the months and years to come. 

Broadridge Financial Solutions has predicted that by the year 2030, the total market capitalization of the ESG industry will have come to exceed $30 trillion, and the industry of carbon credits is expected to grow to in excess of $50 billion. 

However, much of the current ways in which the carbon credit market currently operates are based on incentivizing companies to pollute less, rather than individuals: companies must purchase carbon credits if they wish to pollute, and with fewer carbon credits issued each year, it becomes gradually more expensive for companies to pollute – this is one of the tools that Western governments are using to reach their 2030 “net zero” targets. 

Socially responsible shopping 

IMPT hopes to change all of this and to find new ways to incentivize both individuals to pollute less as well as companies.

Their “socially responsible shopping” system means that users of their platform are rewarded with IMPT cashback rewards when shopping through their platform with companies that score highly on ESG metrics.

Thus far, the IMPT presale has managed to raise over $6m in just over two weeks, showing a high degree of support for the project.

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