07 Apr 2022 · 3 min read

CoinEx Charity Offers Humanitarian Aids & Raises Awareness of Hunger

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The 2021 Global Hunger Index (GHI) points out that nearly 1 billion people on this planet are starving. Throughout the world, around 811 million people are going hungry, and 41 million are on the brink of famine, the report says. In addition, as global hunger increases, food insecurity is on the rise.

Source: DeliveryRank

Contribute to the elimination of hunger

Hunger is mainly caused by conflicts, climate challenges, and economic declines. The number one driver of hunger on Earth is man-made conflicts. Conflicts tear families apart, destroy infrastructure, and disrupt food production, pushing 80 million innocent civilians to the most extreme levels of hunger. Another factor is extreme weather such as heavy rains, tropical storms, hurricanes, flooding, and drought, which wreak havoc in most vulnerable countries and make life particularly hard in places like Afghanistan, Angola, Haiti, and Syria. Meanwhile, the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic persist and are likely to continue to increase food prices and drive hunger. 

Committed to the mission of “making the world a better place through blockchain”, CoinEx Charity, a global charity organization, has launched a $10-million charity fund that will be used to help families living in hunger. Through humanitarian aid such as post-disaster assistance and food/cash donation, CoinEx Charity will contribute to the elimination of hunger.

When disaster hits, CoinEx Charity will be there 

In Nigeria, one of the countries most vulnerable to catastrophic hunger, conflicts and poverty persist. The armed insurgency in the country has forced 3 million Nigerians to flee from their homes. Meanwhile, 13 million Nigerians are starving. In December 2021, CoinEx Charity donated care packages to children in a local hospital, distributing daily necessities to help disadvantaged children.

Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines on January 10, 2022, bringing torrential rain, violent winds, landslides, and storm surges that destroyed homes and flooded roads. CoinEx Charity provided disaster relief soon after the typhoon made landfall. It dispatched support teams to the 3 worst-hit areas and gave an emergency donation to the local government. The support teams visited the locals and distributed 300 supply packages that included rice, noodles, sardines, water, bread, biscuits, and other daily necessities to ensure their basic living conditions.

During the Iranian new year in 2022, CoinEx Charity offered humanitarian aid through a poverty alleviation event in a village on the outskirts of Isfahan province. CoinEx Charity staff visited remote, impoverished villages in Isfahan, Iran. They sent their best wishes for the New Year to 100 poor families and donated care packages that included dates, rice, tuna, pasta, soybeans, tomato sauce, oil, and other supplies.

CoinEx Charity hopes to bring love and warmth to people living in pain and hunger due to natural disasters or man-made conflicts through charitable aid, helping them get back to normal lives.

Zero hunger is the key to peace and stability

Hunger and conflicts constitute a vicious circle — where there is a conflict, there is hunger; where there is hunger, conflicts follow. Hunger curbs economic growth and denies generations of people the opportunity to achieve their potential. Solving global hunger is a pressing challenge. CoinEx Charity looks forward to working with other charitable organizations to help achieve the sustainable development goal of “Zero Hunger” adopted by the United Nations. It also calls on countries and other charities around the world to pay more attention to people living in hunger and help more individuals through the power of charity. 

Always committed to charitable causes, CoinEx Charity will carry on with the humanitarian spirit and continue to provide food for the world’s most hungry and vulnerable individuals. The organization will advocate for social responsibilities and public missions worldwide through charitable actions, appeal for charitable causes, and promote the advancement of global charity.