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Chimpzee is a Shining Example of How Web3 Can Make a Difference in the World: $15,000 Donated in the Presale Stage

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

Chimpzee is a beacon of hope for the Web3 industry that’s on a mission to revolutionize how people contribute to charity. The entire premise behind the project is to provide a method for people to earn a passive income through an intuitive ecosystem while simultaneously making positive contributions to the world by saving animals and helping to protect the environment.

The revolutionary Web3 project has already raised over $600,000 in its presale as eco-conscious investors flock to invest in positioning themselves in the next passive income project that can make a positive impact on our world.

Although it’s still in the presale stages, Chimpzee has already donated $15,000 to charity during its presale stages, and 1,000 trees have been planted. Keep reading to discover why Chimpzee is a game-changing Web3 project, and learn how it can earn you a passive income.

Chimpzee: On a Mission to Revolutionize How People Contribute to Charity

Chimpzee is the first Web3 project that disrupts the way people contribute to charity by offering three ways for participants to earn a passive income through its ecosystem. The project wants to increase public awareness surrounding the dangers of climate change and provide financial contributions to organizations that help endangered species and fight deforestation.

Chimpzee is a weapon created by Max Chimpzeeski, a scientist with a heart of gold born in the depths of the African Jungle. Chimpzeeski spent years creating Chimpzee, a cyborg weapon that is half-ape and half-machine to help protect the forest and save animals. Now, Chimpzee is deploying the power of Web3 and blockchain technology to create an ecosystem that serves as a tool to empower people to contribute to the world while earning a passive income.

Impressive Ecosystem Provides Passive Income For Holders Through Three Pillars

The unique Chimpzee ecosystem is built on three interconnected pillars that provide a passive income for holders while simultaneously revolutionizing how people contribute to charitable organizations.

These three pillars are; Shop2Earn, Trade2Earn, and Play2Earn.

The Shop2Earn component is the Chimpzee Shop, which acts as the central commerce center that allows users to spend CHMPZ tokens on goods and commodities unique to the store. Users can list their own Chimpzee branded products, such as printed t-shirts and Chimpzee merchandise, allowing them to earn CHMPZ tokens when customers purchase their gear. This product also incentivizes customers to make purchases and engage with the platform’s products and services by offering rewards.

The Trade2Earn component is the NFT Marketplace that allows users to purchase Chimpzee NFTs. Users can trade the Diamond NFT Passport, which is essential to earn the most passive income on the platform. Owners of the Diamond NFT Passport will receive more benefits and rewards and earn more CHMPZ coins in the ecosystem than users that don’t own one. They will also have the opportunity to receive a 20% staking APY on their holdings.

The Diamond NFT Passport will be made available to buy after the conclusion of the presale, and those that participate in the first stage will be whitelisted to have the first opportunity to mint one.

The Chimpzee NFT Marketplace’s unique feature is that it will be one of the first to share a portion of the trading fee profits with everyone on the platform. Other NFTs can also be purchased here, with environmentally-focused NFTs receiving the top priority by being featured on the main page.

The final pillar is the Play2Earn component, which is the Zero Tolerance Chimpzee game. This serves as the main entertainment component that allows users to earn CHMPZ tokens when they reach certain milestones. Users that own a Diamond NFT Passport stand to earn higher rewards in the game.

Together, this ecosystem creates a mechanism that allows participants to earn passive rewards. The most important part of the ecosystem is that a portion of all the fees is donated to organizations and charities that are focused on saving animals and preventing deforestation.

Charitable Donations Already Begun: $15,000 Donated and 1,000 Trees Planted

Chimpzee stands out from the countless memecoin projects today because its charitable efforts have already started, even during the presale stages.

After hitting its second raise goal, Chimpzee made good on its promise by donating $15,000 through The Giving Block to WILD Foundation. The donation will be used to support the Eco Guards protecting one of the world’s last herds of desert-adapted elephants.

Furthermore, after hitting the $500,000 fundraising milestone, Chimpzee stated they would be planting over 20,000 trees through One Tree Planted. The project has already worked with One Tree Planted to plant 1200 trees in the Acre region of Brazil to help restore the Brazilian rainforest and will continue to plant more as the ecosystem develops.

Presale Still in Stage 1: Buy Before Diamond NFT Passport Opportunity Disappears

The presale for Chimpzee is still in the first stage, meaning you are still early to the party and have the opportunity to be whitelisted for the opportunity to mint a Diamond NFT Passport after the presale ends – providing you with the most passive income in the ecosystem.

The presale is selling the token for a price of $0.00064, but this will continue to rise during the first stage – with the next price increase heading to $0.000655. Once the price hike hits $0.0007, the second stage will commence, and your opportunity to get your hands on one of the Diamond NFT Passports will disappear. Therefore, it’s essential to get positioned as early as possible to take advantage of the lower price point and leave the presale with higher unrealized returns.