27 Dec 2021 · 3 min read

CGU and Chrono.tech: A Comprehensive Solution For Gamers

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

Crypto Gaming United (CGU) plugs into Chrono.Tech’s ecosystem of blockchain products, increasing their user base as users access these key crypto services.

We asked Sergei Sergienko, Chrono.Tech founder and CGU co-founder, about his vision for CGU.

Why was CGU created?

CGU was founded to leverage the growth of the play-to-earn space, helping more people earn from doing what they love, and connecting different stakeholders in the space for mutual benefit. 

What is CGU’s business model?

CGU recently completed its public token sale and is fully funded. The CGU DAO uses these funds to purchase gaming NFTs which are lent to gamers, enabling them to access higher-paying play-to-earn opportunities. Players pay the DAO a proportion of their income in return, which is used to buy CGU tokens – the DAO’s native currency. CGU will also help match players with the best gaming opportunities, increasing their earnings.

What is CGU’s link with Chrono.Tech?

CGU draws on several Chrono.Tech services, which provide the infrastructure needed for gamers to get started in the DAO, find opportunities, trade their earnings, and cash out into their local currency.

Sergei Sergienko

Next, we asked TimeX CMO Tim Zinin how the exchange helps these play-to-earn gamers.

Hi, Tim! So what is TimeX?

TimeX is a Top 100 exchange. Based in Sydney, Australia, TimeX lists all of the tokens integrated throughout Chrono’s products, helping to ensure liquidity and active markets for traders. 

How does TimeX help CGU?

The CGU token trades against USDT on TimeX, allowing anyone to buy or sell the DAO’s native currency for the most popular stablecoin. CGU’s USD 2.5 million public token sale was also held on TimeX. 

What value does CGU’s TimeX listing offer for gamers? 

Anyone who earns CGU from the CGU DAO can exchange their tokens for other cryptos or fiat currencies, and withdraw them to a local wallet or a bank account. As well as the CGU token, TimeX lists SLP – Axie Infinity’s core token – so TimeX is a good way to cash out these tokens to other currencies too. TimeX is therefore a vital part of the CGU ecosystem.

Next up, we asked Chrono.Tech CTO Saypulla Sheykhanov how LaborX helps players to earn.

Hi Saypulla! How is LaborX changing the freelance world?

LaborX is an online work platform which enables freelancers and employers to find each other, organise work, and arrange payment in crypto. Unlike Upwork and other centralised freelancer websites, though, LaborX is built on the blockchain. This cuts out middlemen and the unnecessary fees and barriers they impose.

Freelancers can create fixed-price Gigs for employers to browse and buy, and employers can upload specific jobs if they need something they can’t see. In each case, smart contracts are used to formalise the work and ensure automatic payment, in crypto, upon completion. A reputation system and extensive user profiles give both sides the confidence they’re working with someone trustworthy and reliable.

What are the main features of LaborX?

LaborX includes a number of features that enable users to connect and organise work safely and efficiently:

  • Digital contracts and escrow
  • Decentralised ratings system
  • Dispute resolution
  • Fixed-price gigs or bespoke jobs
  • Multiple blockchains and currencies
  • Premium accounts with fee rebates and other perks

LaborX’s decentralised approach means it can charge fees of just 10% for freelancers and zero fees for customers, in contrast to the 20-30% charged by conventional platforms.

How does LaborX contribute to CGU? 

LaborX is a vital component for CGU, allowing gamers to connect securely with NFT asset holders and game team organisers. A special Axie Scholarship feature has been built to enable users to access the Axie Dashboard on LaborX and link their account once they have joined the CGU Discord.

Gamers also get paid via LaborX, using the same secure escrow and settlement system that regular freelancers use. Because CGU is integrated into LaborX, any freelancer can choose to get paid in CGU tokens – meaning that freelancers in other sectors who simply like CGU’s business model or believe in the future of play-to-earn gaming can pick up some tokens.


CGU is closely affiliated with Chrono.tech, and the blockchain company provides a number of different services that will help gamers earn and cash out their income – providing an end-to-end service for players around the world.