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Can DeeStream Eclipse Twitch? Dogwifhat & The Graph Users Rally Behind the Platform Eyeing Up 50X Returns


Dogwifhat and The Graph folks are known for loving anything new and cutting-edge in the crypto world, and DeeStream seems to fit the bill perfectly. They’re all about giving creators more power and viewers a way more awesome experience. With features that promise to blow traditional streaming platforms out of the water, DeeStream’s presale could be the launchpad to a new way of online watching and creating. Get ready, Twitch – there’s a new challenger in town!

Dogwifhat Cultivates a Unique Streaming Community

Dogwifhat, a meme coin popular within the Solana ecosystem, has seen a recent increase in its price. It is now trading around $4.15, a 9.6% increase in the last 24 hours. It has a market cap of approximately $4.12 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of about $536.7 million. The total supply of Dogwifhat is capped at 998,926,392 coins, matching its circulating supply.

The whimsical and community-driven essence of Dogwifhat brings a unique dynamic to DeeStream’s user base, infusing the platform with a culture of creativity and shared enjoyment. The support from Dogwifhat users, excited by the prospect of a streaming service that values fun and community engagement as much as technical excellence, positions DeeStream as a potential Twitch eclipsing entity. This backing emphasizes the importance of a vibrant community in driving the success of a streaming platform.

The Graph Enhances DeeStream’s Content Discovery

The Graph operates as an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum. It enables the creation of fully decentralized applications that can run seamlessly on the blockchain. The platform is currently experiencing fluctuations in its market price. As of the latest updates, it’s trading around $0.343. It reached an all-time high of $2.90 but is now trading at a value significantly lower, indicating a substantial decrease from its peak​​. Over the last week, The Graph has seen a decline in its price, making it an unreliable investment at the moment.

Its role in facilitating efficient and decentralized data querying makes it invaluable for DeeStream’s content discovery mechanisms. Support from GRT users underscores the DeeStream presale’s capacity for innovation. The technical edge plus the expert prediction of hiking has caused a huge influx of The Graph investors rushing to purchase DeeStream presale tokens.

DeeStream Aims for Revolutionary Returns in Streaming

DeeStream, a new streaming platform, is making waves and is seen as a potential game-changer. Investors from both Dogwifhat and The Graph are rallying behind the presale. This widespread support suggests that people believe DeeStream can surpass Twitch because it is theoretically a better platform for creators and consumers with low fees, no KYC checks, and easy payouts. DeeStream is blending the best aspects of community, cutting-edge technology, and user empowerment to create a revolutionary way to experience online video streaming.

DeeStream takes user interests seriously. They have locked the liquidity of the tokens for life to ensure long-term platform stability and protect user finances. The stage 2 presale is underway, with tokens for just $0.06 each. Experts predict a potential surge of 7,500% by December. If you’re looking for a new way to watch videos online that’s more exciting, innovative and user-friendly, DeeStream could be the future. 

Jump into the DeeStream presale and visit the official website.