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Calvaria P2E Battle Card Game’s RIA Token Snapped Up By Investors – $500,000 Raised in a Week

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 3 min read

London, England, Friday 28th October 2022 – P2E Battle Card Game Calvaria has raised $500,000 in its presale, which started barely a week ago.

Now in its second stage of a total of 10, buyers taking part in the presale will be able to grab a notional 266% return by the time the presale ends.

Early-bird investors to realize 450% return by the end of the presale

RIA, the utility token of the Calvaria game, went on sale at $0.010 in stage one and the price has now risen to $0.015 (1 USDT = 66.67 RIA). The price in the final 10th stage of the presale is $0.055.

Those who bought in the first stage stand to make a gain of 450% when the presale completes its 10th stage.

The presale is targeting a total raise of $9.75 million.

Kucoin and already lined up to list RIA

In addition to the enticing discount that early investors are able to bag, the project has a number of other eye-catching attractions for investors.

For instance, Calvaria has signed deals with top-tier exchanges Kucoin and, as well as

That means even before the presale ends, investors know that there will be a flood of liquidity hitting the project to help drive up the price. 

Kucoin is the fifth largest crypto spot exchange globally, according to Coinmarketcap, and is in ninth place.

Aided by press coverage across the crypto space, with major mentions on Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Cryptonews and Business2Community, the fantasy card game project is gaining traction with crypto investors.

Calvaria raises the bar for crypto battle card gaming 

But of course it is not simply a well-executed presale campaign that is critical to success – the product has to have a compelling business case. This battle card game ticks all the boxes in that department too.

Calvaria is a new breed of fantasy card game that doesn’t just include play to earn mechanics – which is of course de rigueur in crypto gaming –  but has a free-to-play aspect as well.

There is also a story mode, and unlike many similar games such as Splinterlands and Gods Unchained, the characters are in 3D. 

That last point is indicative of the high production values that Calvaria is bringing to the crypto gaming scene. 

Calvaria design decisions will aid mass adoption

Interestingly, gamers will also be able to play without the need to hook up a crypto wallet which dramatically multiplies the potentiality of the game to achieve mass adoption.

Also, in contrast to the likes of Spellfire and Gods Unchained, Calvaria will be launching on mobile, which will boost its adoption prospects immensely.

If all that’s not enough to chew on, the project has a DAO governance system to give real power to its community of gamers, a P2P marketplace for trading and buying in-game NFT assets and a scholarship program so that no prospective players are locked out due to insufficient funds.. 

Polygon protocol makes for efficient and smooth gameplay

Although a multichain project, the game’s internal transactions are on the Polygon Ethereum Layer 2 protocol, which means gameplay is not held back by slow and expensive transactions. Calvaria is supported by Polygon Studios.

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is sumptuously designed with a storyline that is sure to attract lovers of the genre and those new to the battle card gameplay format.

As far as the tokenomics goes, there are 1 billion RIA tokens, of which 38% are allocated to the presale; 25% goes to the staking pool and 28% to the prize pool; 8% for operations, while the team and advisors are allocated a modest 7%.

Tokens are going fast. Interested investors will need USDT or ETH to buy RIA in the presale.

For more detailed information on Calvaria, check out the whitepaper.

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