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BONK Skyrockets After Halving While AI/Meme Hybrid $WAI Raises $300,000

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Bonk skyrockets post halving

The Bitcoin Halving took place last friday, and has positively pumped the cryptocurrency market–but not in the way that many expected. Crypto pundits around the globe have been predicting an immediate and significant surge in the price of BTC. However, so far, BTC has remained steady, gaining slightly in the past few days.

The shocker of this halving cycle has been the sheer ferocity with which Solana and Ethereum meme coins have ripped skyward. Green candles as far as the eye can see on all of the big players from DOGE down to BONK to newcomer WienerAI ($WAI). 

The Meme Reigns Supreme

The Meme Reigns Supreme

Traders that bet big on the Bitcoin halving by going long on BTC may have been eyeing the wrong markets. While BTC has remained within a few percentage points of its pre-halving price, nearly every single one of the top meme coins by market cap had significant increases in price the moments and days after the halving.

Many meme coins in fact, have seen double digit percentage gains in the last day alone. The biggest winners of them all have been dog-themed memes. BONK in particular saw a 30%+ increase in value.

Why Are Traders FOMOing Into WienerAI?

WienerAi presale

A good meme coin trader is going to have two things: Guts, and a keen eye for spotting “the next big thing” before anyone else. Meme coins, as they have done since the dawning of DOGE, can be a ticket to generational wealth–but one has to know what to look for.

For some meme veterans, their hidden gem detectors are going off for a little known token that is only in presale–WienerAI.

To see why this early presale is causing such a stir, one needs only to look at the first few minutes. $150,000 was raised for $WAI immediately. This made even the skeptics take notice, and buy a bag for themselves.

More Than Just A Silly Meme

Beyond just the FOMO, WienerAI is an intriguing addition to the meme coin space. Currently, and throughout the entirety of the presale, buyers can stake their $WAI tokens to earn massive rewards. At the time of writing this article, over 2000% per annum, which is almost unheard of.

Secondly, the project is quite serious about security and trust. Navigating the presale page, visitors will find an audit conducted by Coinsult–who are among the most trusted in the space.

What’s more intriguing still, is that WienerAI seems to be forging a new path in the meme coin space by combining AI–an incredibly popular crypto narrative–with memes. To demonstrate how insanely popular AI is at the minute, one need only check the Top AI Projects. Near Protocol, who leads the way, has a FDV of over $7B.

If WienerAI even catches a glimpse of market caps like the ones dominating both meme coins and AI–many many millionaires will be made, and that’s what some traders are banking on as they fill their bags with Wieners.

How To Buy WienerAI

Unlike tokens that are already trading, and must be purchased on exchanges like Uniswap–WienerAI can only be purchased on its official website during the presale. Once the token is live on decentralized exchanges, it will be widely available, however the price will be far higher than it is now.

Interested traders are encouraged to check out the website for more details.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.