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Blockchain-powered Gaming Company, Affyn Adds New Virtual Lands To The NEXUS World Metaverse

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of

  • The first wave releases 1,750 geolocation-based plots of land in U.K. and Ireland in two phases: Early Access and Public rounds. 
  • Three cities, namely London, Glasgow, and Dublin are included in the first city launch wave.
  • New cities will also be revealed as part of the 44-city list set to join Affyn’s NEXUS World. 
  • London already sold out in 2 hours and 14 minutes

Affyn’s city reveal distributes 1750 plots across the U.K. and Ireland, with 750 plots of virtual land in London, and 500 plots in Glasgow and Dublin each. Eligible participants in the Affyn ecosystem can plant their “Flags”, which allows them to claim virtual Land in the NEXUS World Metaverse. The lands vary in availability from common land, rare land, epic land and mythical lands, with each land offering additional value respectively. 

Affyn is a mobile-based metaverse that utilizes blockchain technology and augmented reality (AR) to create a “Pokemon GO-like” game allowing users to own and develop virtual lands. The game is free-to-play allowing everyone with an internet connection to start playing and earning without any initial fee.

The platform also includes NFT characters, ‘Buddies’, which are a digital representation of characters in the NEXUS World metaverse. These collectibles are available for sale on Affyn’s NFT Marketplace and Opensea, each offering unique properties and attributes. The game also adds competitive excitement through its campaigns and activities within the metaverse that allows players to compete against each other to find and hunt down ‘Buddies’ on different Lands. 

Over its short lifespan, Affyn has celebrated several successful milestones during its lifespan, such as the launch of NEXUS World Metaverse. Moreover, in mid-2022, Affyn’s “Generation Zero” NFT collection launched featuring 400 Buddies NFTs, and sold out in just a minute and a half, showing the growing interest in Web 3 gaming platforms and metaverses. The “City Launch Wave 0” also witnessed massive participation with 2,000 plots of virtual land, mapped on real land plots in Singapore, sold out in slightly more than 2 hours. 

Finally, Affyn’s statement also confirmed that the cities to be added to its NEXUS World Metaverse in the coming half of the year will be revealed alongside the City Launch Wave 1.