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Blockchain-game Asteroid Rush presale launch: a story of AR Inc. team

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By 2016, we had been planning the exploration of the solar system’s primary asteroid belt for many months. After all, the U.S. Congress and President Obama signed the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act into law at the end of 2015.

Some want to conquer Mars, others want the Moon, and we realized we wanted to conquer asteroids! By the most conservative estimate, one of the asteroids closest to the Earth can bring in a profit of up to $1.2 trillion.

Since commercial astronautics has yet to place us into the Earth’s orbit, we figured we’d develop a game about asteroid belt exploration and mining space resources. Today, we’re thrilled to present our project to you:

Asteroid Rush is an MMO strategy game about asteroid exploration, resource mining, battling for the best deposits, and humanity’s expansion into space. And, of course, about space trading!

Asteroid Rush is not a collectable or betting app. Asteroid Rush is a game that encompasses all the best parts of the social game world and blockchain. Our project is one of the few games built completely on the blockchain. We’ve created our own EOSIO based blockchain to achieve it, to deliver fully featured Game with a capital “G”.

In Asteroid Rush, the player takes up the role of a miner crew boss, carefully selecting and improving their crew members, deploying them to the nearest asteroids to mine space resources, and even sending them to battle for the right to develop the best deposits.

All asteroids, their resources, and the colonists themselves (character cards), much like everything in our project, are generated and stored on the blockchain. In turn, all that is stored on the blockchain belongs to the user.

In addition, Asteroid Rush uses the Bancor algorithm. This makes the in-game economy function as a model of a real one. That is, the market value of resources and goods sold at auction is determined by the correlation of supply and demand.

The 19th century gold rush changed the U.S. The 21st century space gold rush begins today!

Project features:

  • Assemble the best mining crew
  • Buy a patent for asteroid mining
  • Deploy expeditions to mine resources
  • Fight PvP battles for resources
  • Sell your resources at the auction for AR Credits, Founder Tokens, and Pi-Astro
  • Upgrade your crew and earn even more!
  • Contribute to common goals

Coming in future versions:

  • Mate colonists to create new crews and expand your collection
  • Battle exosuits
  • PvP arena with real players
  • Construct and develop your base
  • Clans and clan bases with their own economic policies
  • Presale page: https://game.asteroidrush.io/presale