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BlockBets Decentralized Crypto Casino, Launches its Multi-Utility Token, $BBETS, on Presale

Viraj Randev
Last updated: | 2 min read

BlockBets has just launched $BBETS, its native cryptocurrency, on presale. This decentralized crypto casino is licensed and verified by Curacao Gaming and provides a number of Casino, Poker, and sportsbook markets. 

Now, with the inclusion of $BBETS, investors are promised an innovative gambling experience. The $BBETS token will cater to long-term and loyal community members looking to generate passive income and extract in-game benefits on BlockBets. Keep reading to learn more about the $BBETS presale and the benefits of this crypto project.

BlockBets: A Diversified & Decentralized Crypto Casino 

BlockBets is a decentralized crypto platform offering a diversified suite of gambling options. On BlockBets, you can access Poker games, slot machines, and live casinos. 

This innovative platform will also host never-seen-before PvP gaming originals. The platform supports fiat deposits as well as crypto deposits. One of the main components of BlockBets will be $BBETS, a BEP-20 protocol functioning as its native token. 

BlockBets presale is live

On BlockBets, $BBETS holders and other users can win huge jackpot bonuses (up to $1 million), with bets as low as $0.20. BlockBets will also introduce a meme coin and NFT launchpad, giving you early access to new projects in this sector. This No-KYC casino will also give users access to NFTs, passive income, and loyalty rewards with $BBETS. 

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Benefits of $BBETS Token 

The $BBETS token will help BlockBets become one of the top GameFi cryptos in the long-term. Here are some of the token’s main use cases: 

Benefits of $BBETS token

  • Staking Benefits – BlockBets will offer a portion of its profits directly to staked $BBETS token holders. The more you stake, the higher your rewards share. For instance, members of the Diamond staking tier (Minimum 25,000 $BBETS staked), are entitled to a 100% rewards share from the profit pool. 
  • Passive Income on Liquidity Pool – $BBETS can be locked on various liquidity pools, which hold USD tokens as well. Each trade using a particular liquidity pool results in a transaction fee. The entire fee is distributed to locked token holders, proportionate to their staked token amount. 
  • Buyback and Burn – BlockBets will use a portion of its Casino, Poker, and sportsbook profits to buy back $BBETS. To tackle inflation and increase the token’s scarcity, 95% of the tokens bought back will be burned. The remaining 5% will be offered to one lucky $BBETS presale participant through a raffle. 
  • Access to NFTs – On BlockBets, $BBETS can be used to mint and buy new NFTs. These include High Roller NFTs, Sportsbook NFTs, and Poker NFTs. Notably, the NFTs hold tangible benefits and can help enhance gameplay. 

Buy $BBETS on Presale – Ahead of the 400% Price Jump 

The earliest stage to purchase $BBETS is through the ongoing presale. From a total supply of 100 million tokens, 40% is being distributed through the $BBETS presale. 

BlockBets presale

At press time, $BBETS is priced at $0.03 per token. However, the price will increase to $0.15 upon the upcoming exchange listing. This equates to a 400% price increase. Since presale investors also get to enter the token raffle, one may prefer entering the project during the early stages.

The tokenomics of the project state that another 15% of the supply will be offered as staking rewards, with an additional 5% for player rewards and incentives. BlockBets will also give 10% of the tokens through airdrops. 

For more information on this project, read the BlockBets whitepaper and follow the project on X (Formerly Twitter)

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