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BlockBets Casino Launches $BBETS Token Presale: Get Huge Buyback Bonuses and Staking Yields

Viraj Randev
Last updated: | 2 min read

BlockBets, a decentralized casino platform, has recently launched the presale for $BBETS, its native token. The $BBETS token will act as a strategic long-term investment opportunity, as it can be leveraged to access in-game benefits, staking yields, and passive income from liquidity pools. 

With the launch of the $BBETS presale, BlockBets looks to expand its customer base and popularity in the crypto gambling niche. Here’s everything you need to know about BlockBets and the $BBETS token: 

What is $BBETS Token? 

$BBETS is the native token of the BlockBets ecosystem. This BEP-20 protocol can be leveraged to extract benefits from a number of casino games, sports betting markets, and Poker games on BlockBets. 

As of 2021, the global online gambling market was valued at over $75 million. The market size is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 12% until the end of the decade. 

BlockBets mission statement

Notably, a portion of profits generated throughout the BlockBets ecosystem will be used to buy back tokens. This includes 25% of all Poker profits, 20% of all Casino profits, and 30% of all sportsbook profits. 

To stay competitive in the long run, 95% of all the tokens bought back will be burned on the ecosystem. This can help $BBETS grow in demand as the supply will become more scarce. The remaining 5% will be distributed to a single $BBETS presale participant through a raffle. 

A secure platform to use, the $BBETS token contract has been verified by Assure DeFi. BlockBets has secured its online gambling license from Curacao Gaming. For more information, read the BlockBets whitepaper

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$BBETS: The Ultimate Utility Token 

On the ecosystem, $BBETS can be leveraged to earn a range of benefits. BlockBets takes the edge by allowing $BBETS token holders to become the house. 

Depending on your staking tier, you can earn a higher revenue share on BlockBets. For example, if you stake just 1 $BBETS token, you are entitled to a 30% rewards share from a profit pool. 

BlockBets staking rewards

The highest tier requires token holders to stake 25,000 $BBETS. This entitles you to a 100% rewards share from the profit pool. BlockBets also supports token staking on its liquidity pools – which hold USD and BBETS tokens. 

BlockBets charges a transaction fee for each trade executed using the liquidity pool. Locked token holders are rewarded with 100% of the fee, proportionate to their contribution to the pool.  

Other benefits of holding $BBETS include rakeback bonuses. You can earn a rakeback bonus on the casino between 2% – 15%, depending on the number of tokens staked. BlockBets will also offer Jackpot bonuses and give token holders priority access to its NFT and memecoin launchpad. 

$BBETS – The Top GameFi Token to Buy on Presale 

The sections above have proved that $BBETS token holders can earn multiple rewards and passive income for a lifetime. Therefore, interested readers could enter this project by purchasing $BBETS through the ongoing presale round. 

From a total supply of 100 million tokens, 40 million are being distributed through the presale. Currently, $BBETS is priced at just $0.03 per token. In only a couple of days, the $BBETS presale has raised more than $15K. 

BlockBets presale

Since the token price is scheduled to jump to $0.15 upon the initial exchange offering, presale buyers will benefit from an 80% price discount. A further 20% of the supply will be released upon CEX/DEX listings. 

Catering primarily to the community, 30% of the total supply will be allocated through airdrops, giveaways, staking, and player rewards. Thus, BlockBets is gearing up to be one of the best tokens in the GameFi space. 

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