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Bitcoin Surpasses Visa In Transaction Volume, Will Bitcoin Spark Ride The Same Wave?

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Bitcoin has achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing Visa in transaction volume. This milestone underscores Bitcoin’s growing prominence as a means of value exchange despite its decentralized nature. As Bitcoin continues to redefine the landscape, a new crypto project prompts the query: can Bitcoin Spark harness the same BTC momentum? 

Who Created Bitcoin?

Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity remains unknown, provided a P2P whitepaper in October 2008 outlining the concept and principles behind Bitcoin. In January 2009, Nakamoto released the first Bitcoin software and mined the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain, known as the genesis block. Satoshi Nakamoto continued to work on the Bitcoin project for a few years, communicating with the early Bitcoin community via online forums and email. 

However, Nakamoto gradually withdrew from public involvement and handed over control of the Bitcoin code repository to other developers. Since then, the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has remained a mystery, and the project has been developed and maintained by a decentralized community of developers and contributors.

Why Is Bitcoin Gaining Attention?

Bitcoin emerged in response to the global financial crisis of 2008. Its peer-to-peer nature has made it a viable alternative to traditional payment systems. Cryptocurrencies are gaining global attention for their numerous possibilities despite recent price fluctuations. Although some doubted cryptocurrency’s longevity, its widespread adoption and growth have proven them wrong, though its future role in the financial system remains uncertain.

Cryptocurrency addresses the issue of intermediaries by using blockchain technology to eliminate middlemen who control your money. Crypto transactions are faster and offer more privacy than traditional banking systems. This has shifted focus towards blockchain-based systems instead of the traditional financial system.

Bitcoin has gained significant attention for its cryptocurrency pioneering role. This set the stage for the rise of thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Second, Bitcoin operates on a decentralized blockchain, free from control by governments or traditional banks, making it appealing to those seeking financial independence. Many also see it as “digital gold” due to its limited supply and its potential to act as a hedge against economic uncertainties. 

Its price growth has attracted investors, including institutional ones, and extensive media coverage has increased its global awareness. Bitcoin can be used for online payments, and its underlying technology, blockchain, has inspired innovation in various industries. It also holds promise for financial inclusion, allowing access to banking services for the unbanked. However, it’s important to note that Bitcoin’s price is highly volatile and speculative, and potential investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research. Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Spark aim to enhance its scalability and functionality.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Bitcoin Spark pioneers a consensus algorithm working through advanced algorithms. The Proof-of-Process blockchain technology eases crypto mining and increases transaction speed while observing the platform’s security. Bitcoin Spark emerged, incentivizing active participation in the network. It introduces revenue-generating services like CPU rental and advertising. These services enhance rewards for users engaged in the Bitcoin Spark network, fostering adoption and community involvement.

Bitcoin Spark application simplifies mining and participation in network activities, promoting a more inclusive and decentralized approach. The innovative features, mining mechanisms, and application make it a promising venture in the cryptocurrency space, attracting enthusiasts and investors eager to explore new possibilities in the blockchain world.

Bitcoin Spark has an exciting ICO project at $2.50 in phase five. The early adopters are entitled to a 9% bonus and expect an ROI of 436 at the launch price of $10. Bitcoin Sparks infrastructure is stable and transparent as per KYC and smart contract audit certifications. 

More information on BTCS and ICO here: 

Website: https://bitcoinspark.org/

Buy BTCS: https://network.bitcoinspark.org/register