BEFE Coin Rockets 45% Higher in Week-Long Bull Run


BEFE, the frog-themed meme coin is on a hype train that doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. BEFE coin rockets 45% higher in a week-long bull run hitting $0.0006248. In the past year, the coin has already shown a staggering 760% gain. Now, the fuel which is being added to the buying frenzy fire is BEFE’s imminent pre-sale announcement.

Crypto investors who want to witness the thundering price spikes might see it in the presale event of BEFE. The crypto presale events are limited-time sales but often play a huge role in their price hikes. As we already know the BEFE coin market cap has surpassed $60M, and the pre-sale announcement would expectedly pump it up to the $100M mark. 

BEFE Presale Release Details

BEFE’s presale-specific details have not come out, but its glimpse at the Solana blockchain presale was eye-popping. The price of the first four phases was $0.01, $0.02, $0.04, and $0.055 per BEFE respectively. Phase 5 i.e. the current phase is priced at $0.075. It has a hard cap of $50,000 and a soft cap of $10,000. Before the prices go higher up in the sky, crypto investors are looking forward to adding BEFE to its pre sale event. 

BEFE Phase 5 Key Details

Phase 5 i.e. the BEFE current phase is priced at $0.075. The minimum purchase amount is $50 and the maximum is $5,000. The phase 6 is priced at $0.085. 

What makes BEFE more promising?

BEFE has a daily trading volume of over $632,000 which makes it more promising than ever. The coin’s volatility has gone parabolic. Investors fearing being priced out before presale must be very cautious as this is a tangible certainty. 

BEFE Primed for Upward Launch

BEFE has already achieved a $60M market cap. In terms of valuation, it is operating on a completely different level. If you are an avid crypto follower then you must remember about Shiba Inu and Dogecoin’s rise also. This shows that meme coins have a very strong potential to reach high valuations. 

It is visible that BEFE is maintaining a good pace, yet running consistently. The crypto holders and other buyers are already waiting to deploy further capital. The coin rocketing 45% higher in a week-long bull run might just be the warm-up before you see it entering the crypto ring. 


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