Atletico Madrid Sues Singapore’s Crypto Exchange Over Unpaid $44 Million Sponsorship

Jai Pratap
Last updated: | 1 min read
Source: AFP

Atletico Madrid, the renowned Spanish football club, is suing Singapore-based crypto exchange WhaleFin, following the unexpected termination of its $44 million shirt sponsorship deal.

The football club is seeking $24 million in damages, citing crypto exchange WhaleFin’s alleged breach of contract as the basis for the lawsuit.

Earlier this year, Spanish Football clubs sued several crypto sponsors.

Atletico Madrid Claims Breach of Contract

The dispute centers around WhaleFin’s premature termination of the sponsorship agreement, leading to financial losses and reputational damage for Atletico Madrid.

Sport Business has reported that the football club had anticipated substantial revenues from the partnership, contributing to ongoing operations and future investments.

However, with the sudden termination, Atletico Madrid now faces financial uncertainty and the need to explore alternative revenue sources.

Beyond the financial impact, the football club is concerned about potential repercussions on its brand image, having built a reputation for professionalism and reliability in the industry.

WhaleFin has yet to provide a detailed explanation for the termination of the sponsorship deal, adding to the complexities of the legal battle. The outcome of the case is expected to set a precedent for future contracts and relationships between football clubs and crypto sponsors, shaping the dynamics of sponsorship agreements in the world of sports.

Despite the challenges posed by the terminated deal, Atletico Madrid remains optimistic about its future. The club recently secured a significant sponsorship agreement with Riyadh Air, designating the Saudi Arabian airline as its official shirt sponsor, according to Sportcal.