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Analysts Believe Pullix (PLX) Could Surpass Ripple (XRP) and Reach $2 In 2024, Cites its Revenue Share Model As A Major Edge

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.


Analysts are currently speculating about Pullix (PLX) potential to dominate established tokens like Ripple (XRP) in the cryptocurrency market. They believe Pullix could surpass the latter and hit $2 by 2024. Of course, their reasons are not far-fetched. Notably, Pullix incorporates a first-of-its-kind revenue share model that allocates a portion of the platform’s daily revenue to active traders and stakers alike. This unique feature gives Pullix an edge over Ripple and many other top crypto coins. While Ripple sets sights on a possible rebound, analysts are far more confident and bullish on Pullix’s growth potential.  

Ripple (XRP) Faces Price Instability: Should Investors be Concerned?

Ripple (XRP) recently witnessed a noticeable decline in its price, resulting in a mixed-reaction within the Ripple (XRP) community. However, Ripple’s latest network developments have further sparked curiosity and speculation about the possibility of the native XRP token to reach and surpass its historic high above $3. 

Furthermore, a few crypto analysts, including Dark Defender, remain optimistic about XRP price, suggesting that prices above $1 are still within reach. Despite this optimism, Ripple has experienced about 9% drop on the weekly scale and over 10% decline on the monthly scale. Currently trading within a weekly price range of $0.63 and $0.58, XRP’s weekly trajectory suggests bearish movement with little or no sign of resurgence.  

Analysts Predict Pullix (PLX) to Reach $2 and Outshine Ripple in 2024

Pullix (PLX) is aiming to transform online trading by incorporating the best elements of decentralized and centralized exchanges (DEX and CEX). While DEX struggles with low liquidity and slow transactions, CEX exchanges offer speed but come with custodial risks. However, Pullix addresses these issues with a unique revenue-sharing model, rewarding users who provide liquidity through staking or trading, with a share of the platform’s daily trading revenues.

This model boosts liquidity and speeds up transactions by leveraging bank-grade liquidity pools to reduce slippage. Analysts recognize Pullix’s potential to redefine crypto exchanges and predict it could beat Ripple (XRP) and hit $2 by 2024. As the Defi coin attracts more investors, the demand for its tokens could go up, and further drive up the value of its native PLX tokens.

In addition, Pullix supports a wide variety of assets besides cryptocurrency. Notably, Pullix offers access to a wide variety of tradable assets, comprising commodities, forex pairs, and stocks, eventually serving a wide spectrum of clients. With this inclusive approach and advanced features, Pullix is positioned to rank among the best cryptocurrency and preferred platform for traders across different asset classes.

So far, early investors have already locked in up to 1,800% from the point of presale and over 350% ROI post-presale phases. Now, Pullix is gearing up for significant growth in 2024, backed by a live trading platform, two trading licenses, and multiple listings on top exchanges, including Uniswap, BitMart,, and just recently, MEXC. With these achievements in place, Pullix has the potential to soar as the next big breakthrough in the DeFi market, possibly reaching 100X its current value of $0.1.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.