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$1m Fortune Won Playing Slots Game on No.1 Telegram Casino Mega Dice

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 7 min read
mega dice $1m fortune win - you won $1,009,000

A lucky player has won a $1 million fortune on the slots at No.1 Telegram casino, Mega Dice. A stake of $500 was turned into a $1 million haul in a series of high-payout spins. 

The news has exploded onto the crypto betting scene, validating, yet again, the opportunities and advantages the decentralized gaming infrastructure has over their legacy competitors. 

As is to be expected, the privacy of the player is being protected, but the team at Mega Dice has released a playback of the slots action. Head over to the Mega Dice X account to check it out:

It all started rather sedately, beginning with congratulations for winning a bonus game:

mega dice $1m fortune win - bonus game

Then, halfway through the session, the punter was on a x8 total win. Not bad: 

mega dice $1m fortune win - total win x8

But soon the big money started to roll. A few spins and holds later and the total win had grown to 2,018x:

mega dice $1m fortune win - total win x2018

The player started off with a not-inconsiderable balance of $48,862 and walked away from the slots with 1,056,862 sitting in their account.

mega dice $1m fortune win - you won $1,009,000

It all goes to prove what a great proposition for bettors Mega Dice is

Although it is not so great for the house when a high-roller breezes in and walks away with a cool million, it is excellent publicity nevertheless.

Naturally, the casino will be hoping that the mega winner will be sticking around to continue wagering at Mega Dice.

Mega Dice Telegram Casino and Sportsbook launched the only licensed gambling service on the TG messaging app in August to critical acclaim. 

In addition to the full live casino, Mega Dice also provides access to its comprehensive sportsbook, so sports fans need never miss out on trying their luck by backing their favorite team or player. 

And in case you were wondering, big wins on Mega Dice are not that rare, as this tweet from 21 hours ago shows:

Telegram and Mega Dice are the perfect market fit

Supported by the advantages of decentralization that flow from blockchain technology, Mega Dice is a trustless system, meaning it delivers the peace of mind of provable randomness, transparency, and the efficiency of on-chain gambling.  

Also, players have flocked to the casino, thanks in large part to its ease of use and the ability to play on Telegram without having to go through a laborious KYC process, as that is all handled at the Telegram end as a function of the phone number associated with the account.

Messaging app Telegram has built a stellar reputation by beating the competition in ways that make a crypto-powered casino the perfect fit. 

Features such as the ability to create groups of unlimited size, unbreakable end-to-end encryption, and a powerful and versatile platform for hosting and running bots all come into their own for Mega Dice Telegram Casino

The casino includes a fully featured live casino with thousands of games.

Among the top providers in the live casino are Evolution Gaming and crazy popular titles with the crypto crowd, Plinko, and Aviator by Spribe.

Accessible through the easy-to-use Telegram app, there are slots favorites such as Gates of Olympus and Wanted Dead or Alive, as well as classic Novomatic titles like Book of Ra.    

mega dice casino games

Mega Dice Telegram Casino is super convenient and easy to use 

Telegram’s ease of use can’t be beaten. Users of the Mega Dice Telegram Casino are verified through the telephone number associated with their account, so there is no tiresome and timely know-your-customer (KYC) onboarding to navigate.

Literally, in a couple of clicks, you can be up and running on the casino and making your first bet. A Telegram account is all you need to get started at Mega Dice. As the casino is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board, naturally all license requirements are adhered to.

Head to Mega Dice Casino bot, hit ‘start’, and the web app appears in a pop-up window. 

Deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, or Dogecoin at the wallet addresses conveniently created for each user automatically as part of the onboarding process.

mega dice on etelegram

Get a 200% Telegram Mega Dice Casino welcome bonus 

All new Mega Dice Telegram Casino customers get a 200% deposit bonus, valued up to 1 BTC. 

To be eligible for the bonus, all you have to do is deposit crypto up to a minimum value of 20 USD, EUR, or GBP. On top of this, players will also receive 50 free spins to hit the game Wanted Dead or a Wild.

And why keep all the fun and winnings to yourself? Refer a friend, and you receive a 10% commission on all invited players’ house edge wagers. The referral income is paid monthly in USDT.

And Mega Dice is more than just a casino, as impressive as that market offering is – as mentioned earlier, its product line-up on Telegram also includes a top-notch sportsbook. 

Sporting events to bet on that are accessible in the sportsbook include American Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Table Tennis… you name it, and Mega Dice has got it covered for sports betting fans.

Mega Dice is one of Telegram’s few licensed gambling operators, so your funds are safe

Mega Dice is one of the few licensed crypto gambling operators on Telegram. It is owned and operated by MIBS B.V., which has a Master Gaming License issued by the Governor of the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao.

The company complies with the EU’s strict anti-money laundering rules, so there is no need to worry about the platform being closed down by the authorities or your account holdings being endangered. 

Also, gambling is not for everyone, and some can get in over their heads, so Mega Dice has signed up for the Responsible Gambling code of practice. 

The Mega Dice platform complies with all legal requirements in the jurisdictions in which it operates. 

If you want to learn more about Mega Dice, join the Community Telegram group, where players engage with each other and the team is on hand to answer all your questions. The Telegram channel is also the place to be to stay abreast of the latest promotions. 

Users will also want to be able to get quick answers to their questions, so there’s a responsive 24/7 helpdesk and also an online chat for immediate customer support. 

mega dice website 200% deposit bonus

Mega Dice Casino, With Telegram’s help, is disrupting the $80 billion online gambling industry

Mega Dice is not just targeting crypto users. It believes its full spectrum approach to accessing its products means there is something for everyone.

The team at Mega Dice has its online gambling industry competitors in its sights. Online is the fastest-growing sector of the gambling industry, forecast to be valued at $86 billion in 2023. 

Onboarding with Telegram adds another strong to Mega Dice’s competitive bow, where at the click of a button you can access the full casino and sportsbook service. 

What’s more, Telegram aims to become a ‘super app’ in the same way that WeChat has in China, where all sorts of applications, from money transfer to playing games are available. 

Telegram’s intent is shown in the teasing of the rollout of so-called Mini Apps, which will add even more power to the bot universe of tools on Telegram that already makes the platform so much more than a messaging app. 

Telegram Mini Apps - Mega Dice at the cutting edge with the next super app

Mega Dice is on the inside lane of an exciting future for online gambling powered by Telegram functionality, security and ease of use combined with the transparency of blockchain. 

As Telegram’s reach expands beyond its current user base of 800 million monthly active users, it will provide an ever-expanding audience for Mega Dice.

And if you are not a crypto-first person and still prefer ordinary ‘fiat’ money, Mega Dice has that covered too. 

On the mobile and desktop versions of Mega Dice you can deposit fiat currency using various payment methods, including Wire transfer, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, for those not yet using crypto. 

The same on-ramping service is also available on the Telegram casino, making for convenient use with the currency and payment method of your choosing.

Mega Dice combines the advantages of decentralized crypto-based betting with the tech-savvy of Telegram to create a new way of accessing betting services. 

It is super slick and frictionless to use and will soon be appealing to millions of potential new users, both the casual wagerer who homes in on special occasions such as big annual sporting events and the more experienced betters.

Visit Mega Dice website