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Best AI Sports Betting Prediction Sites in 2024

Kane Pepi
Kane Pepi | Verified by John Supowitz
Last updated: | 12 min read

Nowadays, AI is in pretty much everything, and online betting is no exception. People have noticed the power of artificial intelligence and are looking to use it in all markets. However, not all AI tools are the same. It’s important to understand that every app has its own algorithm, so each result can be different.

If you’re interested in learning more about AI sports predictions, this is the article for you. We’ve tested the market for the best AI sports betting sites and will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the best of the best. So, keep reading to learn where you can find the best AI sports picks and which sites shine in which area.

List of the Best AI Sports Betting Prediction Sites in 2024

Let’s get straight into the analysis. These are the top five sites for online sports betting using AI. Check out the list, and below, you’ll find more details about each of these platforms.

  1. BetIdeas – The overall best AI sports betting prediction site
  2. FindYourBettingTips – The best for AI sports prediction articles
  3. 1x2AI – The best for alternative leagues
  4. PredictBet – Best for planning future bets
  5. Leans – Best for betting on multiple sports

Review of Best AI Sports Betting Prediction Sites

BetIdeas – The overall best AI sports betting prediction site

BetIdeas is our top choice for bettors and here’s why.

BetIdeas publishes daily prognostics on multiple soccer leagues, works with experts in the field, and produces AI-powered predictions. Of course, data is the most important aspect of any research project, and the same goes for making sports predictions. BetIdeas’ analysts spend hours dissecting matches and analyzing every detail in order to find the right picks. From player dynamics to team performance, everything plays a part in the process. And, most importantly, you get daily predictions! So, no matter when the mood for betting strikes, you can get a few tips from BetIdeas.

ai sports betting predictions betideas

Keep in mind that BetIdeas doesn’t simply provide you with an AI bet you need to follow blindly. Instead, you’ll get a full, in-depth analysis that explains why a certain pick has been made. So, in case you’re questioning a certain prediction, you can see what led to it.

Top Features

  • BetIdeas has all the best leagues are available. We all know about the five best soccer leagues in the world. The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and the Bundesliga are the competitions everyone follows. BetIdeas provides AI sports betting tips for each of them. So, no matter which league is your favorite to bet on, you’ll get your fair share of advice.
  • The one thing that separates this website from most of its competition is that it offers free tips. No, you don’t have to pay to get the best analysis. All you need to do is visit the BetIdeas website, and you’ll have the predictions at your fingertips.
  • At BetIdeas, you can get tips on all kinds of bets. From match outcomes and corners, to both teams scoring and yellow cards issued. Visit the site to see their full AI betting predictions offer.
  • In the upper right corner of the BetIdeas homepage, you’ll find a button that takes you to the bet of the day. This feature provides you with a bet that the experts and the AI believe in the most.


  • Free tips
  • All top five soccer leagues are available
  • Daily AI betting predictions
  • Experts and AI work together to create the best tips
  • Tips on multiple bet types


  • Only soccer tips are available
  • No long-term predictions

Findyourbettingtips – The Best Site for Tips and Articles

Findyourbettingtips is a website that provides AI betting predictions along with articles that give you insight into how AI betting programs work, as well as valuable tips that may increase your winnings.
ai sports betting predictions findyourbettingtips
Their AI model takes many things into account to give you an informed prediction you can bet on. That’s why the website currently operates with a 70% hit rate.
Findyourbettingtips provides tips on multiple soccer competitions. Most recently, you could have found Champions League predictions on the website. Though most of their tips have lower odds, the website finishes almost every month with a profit. And they have 1433 hits at the moment—a number that keeps growing.


  • Proof of profit for the past months
  • AI robot analyzes all aspects of the game
  • Helpful articles can be found on the website
  • Tips have a 70% success rate


  • Requires a membership
  • Only soccer is available

1X2 AI – The Best for Alternative Leagues

If you’re a fan of betting on leagues outside of the top 5, 1X2 AI is the website for you. Follow the instructions of their program, and you can place an AI bet on competitions like the AFC Champions League, Birinci Dasta, Iraqi League, and more.
ai sports betting prediction
There are plenty of advantages to using 1×2 AI, like getting tips on markets that usually aren’t the most represented. Additionally, you can check out the stats of the AI program on the website, plan for future games, and learn about relevant news through the blog page.


  • Multiple betting options
  • You can find AI stats on the website
  • The platform features a planner for future bets
  • You can find news on the blog page


  • Not the most well-designed website
  • Top five leagues are not available

PredictBet – Best for Planning Future Bets

PredictBet is a very helpful AI for sports betting predictions. It allows you to get tips on today’s and tomorrow’s games, as well as those happening over the next two weeks. So, you can plan a bit in advance. It’s worth mentioning that this website works with both top five league games and Champions League fixtures, as well as Europa League and Conference League matches.
ai sports betting prediction predictbet
Not only does PredictBet help you make an AI bet on the most popular leagues in the world, but it also comes with a blog page with helpful tips for multiple iGaming areas. Additionally, you can filter bets based on your preferred club or league. And smaller competitions from Europe are also available. So, no matter if you wish to bet on the Croatian HNL or the Swedish ALLSvenskan, you can find tips at PredictBet.


  • Both top five leagues and less popular competitions are available
  • Tips for games up to two weeks ahead
  • A helpful blog page is available
  • In-depth stats and predictions available


  • Tips aren’t specific, but percentage-based
  • The website could be better optimized Best for Betting on Multiple Sports

Remi is an AI sports genius developed to help you get the best AI sports predictions. Remi, unlike most artificial intelligence tools, is helpful in multiple sports. So, no matter if you like the NBA, MLB, or NFL, this robot can give you a hand.
ai sports betting prediction
Remi analyzes data 24/7, calculates the cover probability, and assigns units to each prediction it makes. Also, with the help of AI, Remi is getting better and better over time. Look for one of its daily picks to see how good this online sports betting AI really is.
The key advantage of over its competitors is that Remi works with multiple sports. NCAAF, NCAAB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB predictions are available daily. And you can see the percentage of hits for each league. Remi is doing quite well in all fields.


  • Multiple sports and leagues are available
  • Daily predictions are available
  • Hit percentage is visible on the site
  • Free trial


  • Requires a membership after 30 days
  • No long-term picks

What Is AI Sports Betting?

AI sports betting refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze large amounts of data in order to predict the outcomes of sporting events. AI sports betting sites help you create bets with the help of advanced algorithms and their experienced betting experts. With the help of AI, you can have an edge in the competitive world of sports betting.

How Does Sports AI Work?

The key component of any AI sports betting program is data analysis. AI tools gather and analyze vast amounts of data, including team and player statistics, weather conditions, injury reports, and other relevant factors. This analysis helps determine patterns and predict the outcome of the game ahead.

However, data analysis is only one aspect of the process of making an AI bet. Machine learning models are there to learn from past outcomes and adjust the analysis as new data becomes available. Risk management strategies are also valuable. They consider factors like current sports betting odds, bankroll management, and uncertainty in specific bets.

Types of AI Sports Betting Predictions

AI betting algorithms can make all sorts of predictions. These are some of the most popular bets you can find on websites with an AI prediction tool:

  • Match outcome
  • Points spread
  • Team goal totals (over/under)
  • Which player will score
  • Yellow/Red cards issued
  • Player points total
  • Player assists
  • Corners
  • Whether both teams will score
  • Head-to-head match statistics
  • Live, in-game predictions
  • Injury predictions

How to Choose the Right AI Betting Site

Multiple factors go into determining which is the right AI betting site for you. Make sure to analyze all of the aspects below before deciding which platform has the offer most suited to you and your preferences.


If this factor isn’t covered, you’re not making the right choice. The first stat that you need to know about any AI tool is the accuracy of its predictions. Find a website whose results are visible and provable before you start following its suggestions.

User Interface

The interface needs to be straightforward if you want to get the most out of your time on any website. Too many platforms forget about this aspect and end up with sites that are too difficult to understand or don’t provide an enjoyable experience.

Number of Sports Markets

This is a factor you may, or may not, need to consider. If you only wish to bet on the Bundesliga, then that is the only market a website needs to provide. On the other hand, most players enjoy dabbling in multiple markets, so providing tips for a number of sports and leagues is usually beneficial to a platform.

Educational Content on the Website

Providing tips shouldn’t be the only feature of the website. Educational content can help you analyze tips yourself, make more informed decisions in the future, and learn more about AI helpers and how they work.


Customer support is a key aspect of any website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or don’t understand something about the platform, the customer support team should be able to give you all the answers.

Advantages of AI Sports Betting

There are many advantages to using AI for betting. Here are the most important ones you should know:

Data Processing Speed

Computer applications are used to process vast amounts of data in very limited time. No human can match up with all the details an AI tool can handle within seconds.

Pattern Recognition

AI tools excel at recognizing patterns and trends in the vast amount of data they analyze. These patterns help you bet on events with a higher chance of happening.

Complex Analysis

Most of us can’t handle the complex mathematical and statistical equations required to make an informed bet. Luckily, AI tools handle these with ease.

Updates in Real Time

In the world of sports, things can change in a second. That’s why it’s crucial to work with the most recent information available. AI tools incorporate updates in real-time and factor them into their calculations.

Objective Approach

No matter how objective we try to be, sometimes our hearts simply lean toward a team or a player. AI tools don’t have a problem being completely objective when making a prediction.

Risk Management

Not all bets come with the same level of risk. That’s why it’s key to implement risk management and avoid making bets with a high chance of failing. On the other hand, AI tools help us take advantage of low-risk bets.

Disadvantages of AI Sports Betting

While AI sports betting offers various advantages, there are also a few disadvantages and challenges associated with its use. Here are the ones you should know about:

Surprising Outcomes

Sports are full of uncertain outcomes. A bad call, an injury, or a red card can completely alter the final result of the game. AI tools may struggle to predict these types of events.

Limited Context Understanding

AI makes predictions based on data and other factors. However, it may not understand the importance of particular games. For example, a mid-season game may not look like much to an AI tool, but if it’s a town derby, it will be played like a Cup finals game.

Human Factors

Emotional and psychological details often play an important part in the final result of the game. Team morale and motivation have created many champions, and AI can’t understand that.


There are plenty of AI platforms on the market that were built to help you make better sports bets. By now, you know that all of these sites aren’t the same. Some of them only make predictions for a specific league or sport; others don’t have such a high-quality AI tool or their website isn’t well designed. However, there are still a few websites that are worth visiting to get betting predictions.

Based on our research, BetIdeas is the best AI betting prediction website on the market. It provides bets on all the world’s top five soccer leagues and comes with free tips, multiple predictions, and some unique features like the bet of the day. Give it a shot and see if their AI can help you hit a few bets.


Is there an AI that can predict sports betting?

Yes, there are AI systems designed to predict sports outcomes and help create bets by analyzing historical data, player statistics, and various relevant factors.

What is the best AI prediction site?

Based on our analysis, the best AI prediction site is

Is there an AI that can predict soccer matches?

Yes, certain AI tools are created specifically for the prediction of soccer matches.