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Jake Paul Net Worth and Crypto Holdings Revealed – Young Billionaire in the Making?

Joel Frank
Last updated: | 6 min read
Source: YouTube / Jake Paul

Jake Paul, a former Disney channel star and YouTuber turned professional boxer, has made a big name for himself in the world of business and finance. 

His massive career earnings and interest in crypto investing have attracted a great deal of attention from both fans and critics alike, leading to a great deal of speculation as to whether he is a billionaire or not.

Estimates as to the viral influencer’s net worth vary wildly., one of the more reputable sources, puts Paul’s net worth at around $40 million

But other sources claim it could be as high as $310 million

For what its worth, in early 2022, Paul claimed in an interview on Fox Business to be worth around $100 million.

Let’s dive into Jake Paul’s net worth. 

Career Earnings

Income SourceEstimated Income
YouTube, Social MediaEstimate: $100 million
Boxing$63 million

The numbers presented are approximate and were derived from a combination of Jake and Logan Paul’s statements, as well as various online sources that documented Paul’s net worth across multiple years.

Disney Earnings

Jake Paul and his brother Logan began their careers as content creators in their early teens by posting to major video streaming platforms. 

By the early to mid-2010s, Jake Paul had amassed a huge following on Vine, a popular short-form video social media platform Vine.

After the platform’s closure, Paul’s popularity helped him secure a role in Disney comedy series Bizaardvark

He continued posting videos on his various social media accounts, with a focus on YouTube, where his popularity continued to grow.

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Paul has in the past claimed that his wages from working on Bizaardvark were “peanuts” compared to what he was making via his YouTube vlogging at the time. 

He has never said directly how much he was getting paid per episode, but in one podcast with his brother Logan Paul, Logan was trying to guess the amount he was being paid per episode.

Jake’s reaction to Logan’s questioning seemed to imply his per-episode wage was in the $10,000 per episode area. 

Given he worked on Bizaardvark for a season and a half and featured in 35 episodes, that implies that he probably earned around $350,000 from his time as a Disney channel employee.

YouTube Earnings

CAKnowledge reports that Jake Paul has made over $100 million from YouTube throughout his career. 

That’s probably an overestimate – Paul has in the past said that he could earn anything between $500-$5000 per video from YouTube ads and between $10,000-$100,000 per brand sponsorship deal. 

Given he has made nearly 1,000 videos at this point in his career, Paul has certainly raked in many millions from his YouTube channel alone.

Adding to the above, CAKnowledge reports that Jake Paul has made over $4 million in the past 12 months promoting brands across his YouTube, Instagram and TikTok accounts that have a combined 50 million followers.

Boxing Earnings

While earning money as a YouTuber/social media influencer is his bread and butter, Jake Paul’s earnings as a professional boxer have in recent years become his main source of income. 

According to the Daily Mail, Paul is estimated to have made around $54 million from his series of viral boxing fights up to the end of 2022.

His latest fight against fellow social media influencer and also young professional boxer Tommy Fury is expected to net him a further $9 million. 

Paul lost to Fury, with the pair expected to rematch in the near future, which should earn Paul a similar purse.

Jake Paul’s Assets & Investments

Jake Paul’s primary residence is a mansion in Puerto Rico where he lives alongside his brother Logan Paul.

The pair reportedly purchased the mansion for $13 million back in 2021, with the mansion residing in the Ritz Carlton Reserve.

Paul also owns a number of houses across the USA. 

According to CAKnowledge, these include a $4 million flat in New York, a $7 million mansion in Florida and a $3 million villa in Los Angeles. 

Two years ago, Paul sold a house in California that he had been living in for $6.15 million, a nearly $750,000 loss.

Paul is also a known lover of luxury cars. 

According to, Jake Paul’s car collection includes Rolls Royce Ghost, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Toyota Takoma, Tesla Model X, Dodge Ram and Ford Focus RS and is worth as much as $10 million

CAKnowledge reports that Jake Paul owns a Bugatti Divo (worth $7 million), a Ferrari Roma, Porsche Panamera and BMW Z4.

Jake Paul’s love of luxury doesn’t stop at cars and properties. 

He is also reported to own a collection of watches thought to be worth close to $1 million.

Jake Paul’s Crypto Portfolio

While there is no way to know the exact value of his holdings, Jake Paul has long expressed interest in cryptocurrency. 

Paul has often promoted crypto projects (in exchange for a fee), and given that a few of these projects have turned out to be scams, he has found himself in hot water a few times.

In a podcast last May, Jake Paul’s brother Logan claimed that Jake had put all of the $40 million he made in 2021 into crypto, right at the peak of the market. 

Given the cryptocurrency market’s decline from its 2021 highs, Jake’s investments are likely trading well in the red. 

Jake is now “poor”, claimed Logan facetiously in the same podcast.

Jake is known to have been a long-time fan of what has so far proven to be crypto’s safest bet, Bitcoin. 

He has in the past claimed that he invested his entire earnings from his first Vine brand deal in the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization back when he was sixteen when it was trading around $100 per token.

While Bitcoin’s price has fallen dramatically since November 2021 highs of $69,000, Paul would still be up around 250x on this investment.

The Verdict

Overall, while the exact amount of Jake Paul’s net worth is unknown due to limited publicly available information, it is clear that he has made significant profits through the monetization of his social media presence (particularly YouTube), various business ventures, and possibly also on some of his investments in crypto. 

If the cryptocurrency markets continue to recover and get back to testing the highs of 2021, then it would be safe to say that this would give Paul’s net worth a further boost. 

However, in light of Jake Paul’s most recent loss to up-and-coming professional boxer Tommy Fury, hype surrounding his rise up the professional boxing ranks has stalled. 

That may make it more difficult for him to further accelerate the pace at which he can rake in boxing money, slowing his progress to becoming a billionaire.