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How Saying 100K Times ‘Crypto’ Helps Homeless (And Promotes Your Startup)

Last updated: | 1 min read

In an ambitious bid to raise money for Centrepoint, a UK homeless charity, and encourage charities to accept cryptocurrency as the form of donation, Pete Wood, the CEO of CoinBurp, a crypto startup, has challenged himself to say the word ‘crypto’ 100,000 times on a live stream, encouraging viewers to make donations in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

CoinBurp CEO, Peter Wood, during a live stream. Source: a video screenshot

“Today I’ll be repeating the word ‘crypto’ 100,000 times which I’m sure will take me a long time to do,” Wood says at the beginning of the live stream. As it turns out, his last ‘crypto’ comes at about 11 hours 51 minutes.

CoinBurp says it is also matching all donations by 1%. At pixel time (11:41 UTC), BTC 0.02708605 (USD 196) and ETH 0.335946102 (USD 49) have been donated.

While serving a charitable cause, the event has also ensured increased visibility for the start-up which is currently seeking investors to support its second phase of product development.

CoinBurp’s investment pitch says the start-up is a crypto trading platform with a “long-term vision to become an international brand and part of the banking ecosystem” and aimed at “low-confidence retail investors.” With some GBP 220,670 (USD 290,131) raised from a total of 127 investors, as of 11 December, CoinBurp is heading towards its goal of obtaining USD 300,000 through a Crowdcube round. Since its launch in May 2019, CoinBurp says it has acquired more than 1,000 users and facilitated more than 1,000 transactions, accumulating a total trade volume of some GBP 1 million, according to data from the business.

Prior to launching CoinBurp, in 2014, Wood co-founded BitBroker, a UK crypto brokerage specialized in selling bitcoin on third-party platforms, generating a turnover of some GBP 100 million, according to data released by CoinBurp.