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Crypto Market Trends, Rebranding and Moving Past Controversies: Discover Crypto CEO TJ Shedd Interview

Jai Pratap
Last updated: | 3 min read
Discover Crypto CEO TJ Shedd

In late August this year, Ben Armstrong, formerly Bitboy Crypto, was ousted from his own company and YouTube channel that he created in 2018. What followed was a slew of serious allegations from Ben towards his business partner and long time friend TJ Shedd.

I sat down with TJ to discuss the road ahead for the company, crypto market trends and how content creators are doing in crypto right now.

“Truth is Becoming More Apparent”

The company behind Bitboy Crypto led by TJ Shedd has rebranded itself to Discover Crypto and is looking to put behind all the controversies and focus on growing and attracting new audiences from around the world.

TJ said that since he has come out publicly to defend himself there has been a shift in the audience who are seeing the truth of the situation. TJ said,

“We have seen a dramatic shift in audience (in our favor). It was definitely confusing at the beginning for people, but I think as more time goes on, the truth is becoming more and more apparent.”

Rebranding and Moving Past Controversy

TJ Shedd acknowledged the controversy surrounding the rebranding process and emphasized the importance of staying focused on the future. He stated,

“We’re just laser-focused on where the industry is going, where the space is going. We have a plan to bring in some new talent and really professionalize the content that we’re putting out and focusing on blockchain.”

Talking about new faces for Discover Crypto post Ben’s controversial exit, TJ said,

“A lot of people know Deezy, he’s been on the channel for quite some time. A lot of people love hearing his takes and opinions. He covers the news a lot. He’s not going anywhere. The platform is expanding its team with the addition of Joshua Jake, a well-connected figure in the policy and crypto regulation space.”

Discussing the future of Discover Crypto, TJ said that they expect more strategic partnerships with industry leaders and policy influencers in the coming time.He added,

“We’re looking for another person to specifically cover DeFi and deep dives and, you know, a lot of different coin reviews and tokenomics. So that’s the plan going forward into 2024.”

Crypto Market Trends in 2024

Discussing market trends right now and what the future looks like, TJ Shedd shared his perspective on the crypto market cycles.

He expressed his belief in four-year cycles, stating, “I think it will play out very similarly to cycles we’ve seen in the past.”

He explained how the space might experience a surge in the near future due to the potential approval of spot ETFs and hinted at the possibility of a subsequent correction.

“I wouldn’t be shocked if Bitcoin pumps all the way up to close to 50k and then retraces back down to the 25-30k range.”

With the Bitcoin halving event coming up next year, things are looking pretty bullish, he added.
TJ also sees India playing a big role in shaping the industry’s future. He said:

“The Indian audience is in a big way underserved in the crypto community because it’s a very strong, passionate, committed, well, understanding technical audience that I think, in a lot of ways, could very likely become the hub of blockchain and in web three as it goes forward.”

Responsibility of Content Creators in Crypto

Talking about the ongoing controversies and how content creators in crypto are currently being perceived, TJ emphasized that Discover Crypto is committed to promoting quality projects that benefit the audience. He stated:

“We work very hard to be the polar opposite of that, where we don’t promote any projects that could potentially hurt the audience or anything unethical. This space is moving from almost like a niche trial thing to really moving into traditional markets and institutional money coming in.”

Discover Crypto aims to work with major brand names next year and act as the voice of the crypto community.