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How to Deposit and Withdraw Tokens Through MetaMask

Last updated: | 5 min read
Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.
how to deposit and withdraw tokens through metamask

As decentralized projects continue to grow, the world is moving closer to a decentralized future.. With decentralization, the possibilities of a user-focused financial future becomes more and more reachable. MetaMask is the bridge towards decentralized applications.

But before you can cross that bridge and fully immerse yourself into the decentralized world, you need to get your engines revving up. We’ve already learned how to add tokens to MetaMask in this article. You need to do this step in order to see your tokens in your wallet. In this article, you’ll learn, step-by-step, how to deposit and withdraw tokens through MetaMask.

metamask guide

MetaMask is an important bridge to decentralized applications (dapps), whether you want to create NFTs on OpenSea or use decentralized finance (DeFi) applications like Uniswap. MetaMask is a gateway into a new internet, which you can access without a centralized authority.

This article will cover how to add different tokens into your MetaMask wallet through a simple, step-by-step process. Though MetaMask is the bridge to decentralized applications, you’re going to need a vehicle to cross that bridge. Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens will be the fuel that MetaMask uses to launch you into the world of decentralization.

metamask guide

Adding Tokens to MetaMask

Ether (ETH) is already added to your MetaMask by default. You won’t need to go through this process to start depositing and withdrawing ETH. For other ERC20 tokens, you need to add them to your MetaMask asset tab.

ERC20 tokens are the standard protocol for smart contracts on Ethereum. You may recognize many of these like Uniswap, VeChain, Chainlink, and several others. This guide will show you how to add them to your Assets tab to purchase them later.

Before adding tokens to your MetaMask, you first have to set up your MetaMask. You can find out how to set up your MetaMask with this article.

metamask tokens

Now that you’re all set up, you can go to your browser extension. If you’re using Google Chrome, it’s the puzzle piece at the top. Click on the MetaMask icon and open the application.

To add tokens to your MetaMask, go to the main MetaMask account page. Click on the assets tab, where you’ll see Add Token at the bottom.

Metamask how to add tokens

After you click Add Token, you can search for the type of token you want to add. Type it in the search engine like you would any other word on a search engine.

metamask add token guide

Once you search, you can click on your chosen token and add it by hitting next and adding tokens. You can search and add multiple tokens at once.

metamask tokens

After this, you will be able to view your tokens on the Assets tab.

metamask add coins

Once added, you will also have the option of swapping your chosen token for ETH or other ERC20 tokens on the blockchain. You have to click on your token on the Assets tab.

metamask swap

However, the classic way to add tokens is by going to the Custom Token tab and manually entering an address.

metamask add custom token

You will have to find the Token Contract Address and paste that onto the Custom Token tab on MetaMask.

This Token Contract Address is the location of the token contact that is responsible for the logic of the tokens. If your token of choice is not easily searchable, you will have to use the following steps to add your token to the Assets tab in your MetaMask.

To find the Token Contract Address, you can go to a block explorer like Etherscan. Specifically, you can type in the web address You will be given a list where you can search for the specific contract address you are looking for.

metamask find contract address

You can scroll down to find the token you want to add to your MetaMask and click on it. You can also go to the top right search bar and find your token there.

metamask guide contract

Once you’re on the page of your chosen token, you will find a series of letters and numbers near the word Contract. Hover over it with your mouse, and you should be able to copy the address. Copy the address, go to the add tokens page in your MetaMask extension and click Custom Token.

metamask add tokens

Hit next, and you will be able to add the token and see it on your assets page again. You’ll now be able to receive these tokens at your address, which we will cover in another article.

On mobile, the process is exactly the same. However, you might find it a bit harder to copy and paste the Contract Token Address on the mobile app.

And that’s it! You’ve learned how to add your tokens and are a step closer to plunging into the decentralized ecosystem. Any time that you need tokens, you can refer to this guide’s steps to do so.


How to Deposit Ether (ETH) to Metamask

metamask token

Before depositing Ether into your MetaMask, you first have to set it up. If you’re looking to setting up your MetaMask for desktop and mobile, this article on setting up your MetaMask will show you how. After setting up your MetaMask, go to your browser extension. If you’re using Google Chrome, it should be the puzzle piece on the top right of your window. Click on it to see a drop down of the MetaMask that you’ve installed.

metamask tutorial token

If you already have Ether (ETH) from a wallet or an exchange, you can copy and paste an address and transfer your ETH to MetaMask. On exchanges, you will usually find a tab that says ‘Withdraw’.

metamask guide

After finding the Withdraw page on your exchange, you can paste your MetaMask Wallet Address onto it. On the above photo, the address would be the series of letters and numbers underneath username CryptoGiggles. Just click on that and your address will be copied onto the clipboard.

Put in how much ETH you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction. Otherwise, you can buy ETH through the Buy button on MetaMask. Through there, you can type how much ETH you want. The Wyre Widget will prompt you to choose between Apple Pay or inputting your credit card information. After doing so, you’ll find Ethereum in your wallet after confirming.


How to Deposit other ERC20 Tokens to MetaMask

Before depositing other ERC20 Tokens to MetaMask, you’ll have to add ERC20 Tokens to your Metamask. You can learn how to do that in this article. After you’ve added your token, you can do the same method above depositing from an exchange. Instead of Ethereum, however, you can use the address from another token instead. Otherwise, you can use the Ethereum in your wallet to swap for other types of ERC20 tokens. Go to your browser extension and click swap.


After clicking Swap, you’ll be prompted to choose which currencies you want to swap for.


Put in how much of the token you want to swap and choose the token to swap to. Click Review Swap and confirm the transaction. Great! Now that you have tokens in MetaMask, you have the building blocks of entering the decentralized world.

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