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How to Buy Mega Dice ($DICE) Tokens – Easy Guide

Michael Graw
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Mega Dice ($DICE) is a Telegram-based online casino that rewards players with crypto. You can play games, bet on sports, and earn rewards using their native token called $DICE. The platform currently offers its native $DICE tokens via a presale and raised over $350K within a few hours of launch.This guide offers five detailed yet easy steps on how to buy Mega Dice ($DICE) tokens. It also talks about the token’s potential in the growing online casino gaming space.

How to Buy the Mega Dice Token ($DICE): A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a comprehensive yet simple step-by-step guide on how to buy Mega Dice tokens ($DICE):

Step 1: Setup Your Crypto Wallet

To buy $DICE, you’ll need a wallet compatible with the Mega Dice token presale. It is important to note that Mega Dice is built on the Solana network. So you’ll need a Solana-based wallet like Phantom to buy Mega Dice tokens. It also offers several other wallet options when you click the ‘connect wallet’ button (discussed in the steps below).Please note: Although MetaMask is mainly an Ethereum wallet – Solfare (a Solana-based wallet) has integrated MetaMask Snaps to let MetaMask users buy and manage Solana tokens directly from MetaMask.How to use MetaMask to buy Frog Wif HatIf you’re using a PC/laptop, you can download the wallet as an extension and create a new account. If you’re using a phone, download the MetaMask/Phantom wallet app from the App Store or Google Play Store and create a new account.

Step 2: Buy SOL, ETH, or BNB Tokens

To buy Mega Dice tokens, you’ll need to swap them with Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), or BNB (BNB). You can buy one of these tokens on a crypto exchange and then send it to your wallet. On the other hand, some of the top crypto wallets let you buy these tokens directly from your wallet.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to the Mega Dice Token Presale

Go to the Mega Dice Token presale page and click ‘Connect Wallet.’ You should see a list of multiple options like MetaMask, Phantom, Coinbase Wallet, etc.Connecting Wallet On the Mega Dice token presaleIt will automatically detect the wallets you already have and show them at the top. You can simply choose your wallet and follow the instructions on the screen to connect it to the presale.Note: Alternatively, the platform also allows you to directly send SOL to a specific address (BQtF7wp29e9KDu7MHqvcdMjtUpZXABtqkRsbgnDpygi1) and receive $DICE tokens in return.

Step 4: Buy $DICE Tokens

Once your wallet is connected, choose which token you want to swap for $DICE and type in how many tokens you want. Then, click “Buy Now” to confirm your transaction. The platform also allows users to stake $DICE tokens before the presale ends for high APY rewards.Buy Now option on Mega Dice ($DICE) token presale

Step 5: Claim $DICE Tokens

If you choose not to stake the tokens, Mega Dice will give you more information about when to claim your tokens after the presale ends. You can just go back to the presale website and hit the ‘claim’ button to have them in your wallet. You can follow Mega Dice on X (Twitter) to get updates on claim dates and to keep up with the platform’s progress.

What is Mega Dice Casino?

Mega Dice is a Telegram-based crypto casino that has become very popular in the gaming industry. It combines two growing trends: Solana-based tokens and GameFi (Game Finance). It’s a well-known and successful crypto casino with many users. It has over 50,000 players worldwide and handles more than $50 million in monthly bets, making it one of the top crypto casinos in the market.The platform has over 4,000 games from top game makers and many sports and eSports betting options. What makes Mega Dice unique is its fun gaming environment where players are rewarded for loyalty. $DICE is the native token used on Mega Dice. The platform recently launched a presale for this token, where early buyers can get the token for only $0.069 at the time of writing.The token is useful for many things, like getting cashback at the casino, earning rewards from airdrops, and accessing exclusive NFT perks. You can get daily rewards based on how well the casino is doing (if you hold $DICE tokens).Mega Dice CasinoMoreover, the platform also has a referral program for its users. If you refer someone to the presale and they invest, you can earn a 10% commission. Also, early buyers in the presale can get bonus $DICE tokens.Mega Dice plans to give away over $2.25 million in airdrops over three seasons to active players who bet a certain amount. This makes Mega Dice more attractive to both new and experienced casino fans.Drawing parallels between similar tokens in the GameFi space like Rollbit Coin and TG.Casino, it’s quite clear that Mega Dice has a huge upside potential. These tokens have seen exponential growth at their launch. Many buyers are expecting Mega Dice to do the same, especially considering Mega Dice’s strong foundation and investor support.Mega Dice Casino - top featuresMega Dice aims to create a strong community around its platform. It smoothly integrates with Telegram and allows players to interact with each other in real-time. This is important for building trust and improving the overall user experience. Additionally, the crypto market is expected to see an influx of new users and investors after the Bitcoin halving in April 2024. This can help the platform cater to a potentially broader audience in the near future. You can enter the Mega Dice Telegram channel to play games on its Casino.

Mega Dice Tokenomics And Presale

According to the Mega Dice Casino whitepaper, the platform has a supply cap of 420 million $DICE tokens. They are split up in a way that helps the platform grow and reward its users. Here’s a simple breakdown of how the $DICE tokens are distributed:

  • Presale: 35% (147 million tokens) are being sold in the presale. This sets a solid foundation and helps raise money to start.
  • Airdrops for Players: 15% (63 million tokens) are set aside to reward active platform users. This can help keep players loyal and engaged.
  • Liquidity: 15% (63 million tokens) are used to ensure trading goes smoothly after the token launches.
  • Casino $DICE Pool: 15% (63 million tokens) help with the day-to-day operation of the casino and its reward system.
  • Staking Rewards: 10% (42 million tokens) are given to people who hold their tokens for a long time and participate in the ecosystem.
  • Marketing and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Deals: 5% (21 million tokens) are used to spread awareness and get more people to use the platform.
  • Affiliate Programs: 5% (21 million tokens) are used to encourage people to refer others to the platform.

Additionally, the $DICE token presale can give the project a head start with strong community support. Each token costs only $0.069 during the presale. It allows investors to buy the token at a lower price before it lists on some of the best decentralized exchanges.

  • Soft Cap: $5 million
  • Hard Cap: $10 million

Reasons to Buy the Mega Dice Token – Key Takeaways

Here are the main reasons why you should buy the Mega Dice ($DICE) token:

  • High Utility and Rewards: $DICE tokens give you many benefits, like cashback at the casino, rewards from airdrops, and special access to NFTs. This improves your user experience and increases your investment’s upside potential.
  • Sharing Profits: If you hold $DICE tokens, you get daily rewards based on how well the casino is doing. This means you get to share in the success and profits of Mega Dice.
  • Referral Program: If you refer someone to invest in the presale, you get a 10% commission. This encourages the community to grow and allows you to earn without any limit on the commission.
  • Bonuses for Early Birds: You get extra bonus tokens if you participate in the presale early. This makes your initial investment more valuable and rewards you for committing early.
  • Proven Track Record: Mega Dice is backed by a crypto casino that is already profitable and established, with a large user base. This makes it a more reliable investment than new platforms that haven’t been tested yet.
  • Growing Market: Reports show that revenue in online gambling is projected to reach US$100.90 billion in 2024. With the help of a strong community, Mega Dice can capitalize on this growing industry.
  • Price Forecasts: According to our Mega Dice Token price prediction some market analysts believe $DICE could reach estimated heights of $0.85 by 2030. This means that from a current presale price of $0.069 it could potentially jump by 1,131.9%.


Mega Dice is combining the benefits of cryptos with a casino platform that has already been successful. This could change the online gambling industry massively. They aim to set a new standard for what players can expect from an online casino. This article offered five detailed yet simple steps on how to buy Mega Dice ($DICE) tokens. At the time of writing, early buyers can get the $DICE tokens for just $0.069 each. This price will likely rise during the expected exchange listings.

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What is Mega Dice Casino?Mega Dice is a popular Telegram-based crypto casino on the Solana network. It offers over 4,000 games and rewards players with its native $DICE token. Mega Dice handles over $50 million monthly bets and has 50,000+ players worldwide.How can I buy Mega Dice ($DICE) tokens?To buy $DICE, set up a Solana wallet like Phantom, buy SOL/ETH/BNB, connect your wallet to the Mega Dice presale page, swap tokens for $DICE, and claim your tokens after the presale. $DICE is currently priced at $0.069 during the presale.