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William Wendt, Ecosystem Growth Manager at Oasis, on Web3 Decentralized Infrastructure, and more


William Wendt is the Ecosystem Growth Manager at Oasis, where he is working to build the future of web3 with a focus on decentralized infrastructure, privacy and security, and open-source environments. Prior to Oasis, Will worked on the Product Development team at The Nature’s Bounty Co., where he managed stability trials and logged different products and materials for compliance with various GMP guidelines.

Will holds a BS in Chemistry from Towson University, where he was also a Division 1 athlete on the Men’s Swimming and Diving Team.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Oasis Labs, and the new Oasis Privacy Layer
- The intersection of AI and web3
- How blockchain is open and transparent
- Regulators concerned about privacy
- Empowering developers to better protect their users’ privacy
- The convergence of AI and web3
- Prioritizing privacy options for consumers
- Partnership with Meta AI