21 May 2021 · 0 min read

The ETH Trade with Su Zhu & Kyle Davies of Three Arrows Capital

In this video, David Hoffman and Ryan Adams of Bankless podcast interview Kyle Davies and Su Zhu, founders of crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital. They outline their bullish case for Ethereum.


0:00 Intro
8:15 Three Arrows Capital
14:10 Why You’re Holding ETH
18:35 Rotating From BTC to ETH
22:40 The Flippening
26:54 A Productive Store of Value
33:03 A Deflationary Store of Value
36:00 Mainstream ETH Culture
41:15 Measuring The ETH Trade
47:25 More Capital, Bigger Buyers
53:20 Hardening ETH Issuance
56:14 A Bull Case
59:10 On-Chain Crypto Maxis
1:04:39 BTC & Other ETH Killers
1:10:15 Is this the last cycle?
1:14:15 15k ETH is FUD
1:17:40 Prefer Wealth
1:20:01 Closing & Disclaimers

The episode premiered on May 11, 2021.