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Rich Rines, Contributor to Core DAO, on Bitcoin Utility and Cross Chain Functionality

Rich Rines is an initial contributor to Core DAO, an independent blockchain combining the decentralization and security of Bitcoin with the scalability and application platform of Ethereum. Rich focuses on the implementation and growth of Core DAO’s revolutionary decentralized consensus mechanism aimed at unlocking the full potential and promise of blockchain technology by leveraging the complementary qualities of Proof of Stake alongside Proof of Work. Rich is also the founder and CEO of an outbound contact center software company called AutoReach and led money movements engineering at Coinbase for 3 years. Prior to those roles, Rich was an engineer at LendingHome and Thoughtbot. In this conversation, we discuss: - Bitcoin miner challenges - Bitcoin use cases - Leveraging PoW and PoS - Core’s impressive global audience and the successful airdrop stats from launch - Interoperability and cross-chain functionality - Onboarding communities that need crypto most: developers, Bitcoin miners, and end-users - Building money movement products - Onboarding web2 over web3