05 October 2021 · 0 min read

OpenSea & The Business of NFTs

In this episode of Bankless podcast, hosts Ryan Adams and David Hoffman, interview Devin Finzer, CEO and Founder of OpenSea.

They talk about the energy surrounding NFTs, scaling and gas fees, spectrum of decentralization, the metaverse, and much more.

Episode timestamps:

0:00 Intro 
4:00 Devin Finzer 
6:05 The Crypto Native NFT Boom 
9:15 Building With an Open Mind 
11:36 OpenSea at the Center 
18:06 Scaling Under Pressure 
22:24 Gas Fees 
25:01 Social Media & Users 
32:00 Before OpenSea & The Bear 
39:50 When NFTs Heated Up 
41:45 The Front Running Scandal 
48:21 The Centralization Spectrum 
55:31 What’s the Metaverse? 
58:24 Rapid Fire Questions 
1:01:43 Closing & Disclaimers

The episode premiered on October 4, 2021.