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Omer Amsel, Head of Web3 at Fireblocks, on Web2 Companies Moving to Web3 and Crypto Going Mainstream


Omer Amsel is Fireblocks’ Head of Web3 and Director of Product Management. As Head of Web3, Omer is responsible for the strategy and product development enabling access and building of the emerging digital economy, including DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi, via the Fireblocks platform. For over a decade, Omer has been adapting cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain, solar energy, machine learning, and computer vision, to create products that solve real-world challenges.

Prior to Fireblocks, Omer led product at UVeye, which developed automated inspection systems for vehicles, working with the firm’s most high-profile clients including a Fortune 5 company. He also co-founded Slice RE, a blockchain-based real estate equity crowdfunding platform focused on high-growth, large-scale urban real estate developments. Omer met Fireblocks’ Co-founder & CTO Idan Ofrat at Generaytor, a solar energy community created to accelerate solar adoption through the sharing economy model, where he worked with Idan to bring the product to market.

Omer graduated with a BA in Computer Science from IDC Herzliya (formerly Reichman University).

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Developing Web3 for mainstream adoption
- Web2 businesses moving into Web3
- Web3 barriers to entry
- DeFi 101
- How to get to the next million users in the ecosystem
- How brands can leverage digital assets like NFTs to extend their customers’ experiences
- Upskilling Web2 developers
- Onboarding + removing friction