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Mike Silagadze, CEO of, on ETH, Re-Staking, and Building Start-Ups


Mike Silagadze is the founder and CEO of, the first decentralized, delegated staking protocol that allows stakers to maintain full control of their keys – and by extension, their staked ETH – throughout the entire staking process.

Prior to founding, Mike was CEO and co-founder of Top Hat, which he grew into the market leader in student engagement software, with 500 employees and $60 million in annual revenue. He is also an active speaker and lecturer in the higher education, technology, and startup communities, having lectured at the Rotman Commerce Entrepreneurship Organization, the ASU GSV Summit, MaRS, Tech Fest Toronto, SAAS North and TEDxLaurierUniversity, among many others.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Growing start-ups
- Building Top Hat
- Overview and Foundation of
- The Importance of Self-Custody in Ether Staking
- Re-Staking – the Next Major Development on Ethereum
- Mainnet Phase 1 Launch
- Operation Solo Staker
- $ETH
- Decentralization
- Non-custodial liquid staking platform
- Coinbase + Binance vs. SEC