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Matt McGuire, CTO of Caduceus, on Metaverse Development and the Current Crypto Landscape


Matt McGuire is the Chief Technology Officer of Caduceus and brings 18+ years of leadership, strategic business growth, and development experience. Building on his strong development background, Matt overlays a passion for code and inventive solutions. Board and investor-level pitch specialist with a background as a digital innovator and emerging technology thought leader. Matt has a hands-on proactive and integrated planning approach to his leadership. He is a team builder and technical mentor with an impressive portfolio of award-winning work.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- UK’s PM Situation 
- Current economic situation 
- Building pitch decks 
- MetaVerse development advancement 
- Cloud edge rendering 
- Tapping into power users and energy savers 
- CMP Coin Tokenomics 
- Different types of metaverses 
- Fully EVM compatible 
- Caduceus Incubator 
- Current crypto landscape 
- Current economic landscape being much worse than 2008 
- Crypto liquidity pools have become so prominent 
- BTC and ETH won’t disappear