11 May 2020 · 0 min read

Bitcoin's Third Halving VR Party

Celebrate Bitcoin's third halving by watching Kraken's Back Drop virtual reality (VR) halving party, which includes presentations and talks by special guests Jameson Lopp, Eric Wall, Charlie Lee, Travis King, Spencer Bogart, Ari Paul, Neeraj Agrawal, Peter Van Valkenburg, Elizabeth Stark, Dan Held, Pierre Rochard, Jesse Powell, Udi Wertheimer, and many more.

This once-in-a-halving event features candid Q&As designed to unpack and illuminate the full intricacies of Bitcoin’s big rewards reduction and its implications for the world.


20:03 START of the event
22:55 The Next Halving: Bitcoin in 2024 and Beyond w/ Jameson Lopp, Alyse Killeen, Eric Wall, Charlie Lee
1:06:46 BREAK
1:22:13 The Bitcoin Halving’s Price Impact: What to Expect w/ Travis Kling, Spencer Bogart, Ari Paul
2:03:35 BREAK
2:12:58 Bitcoin Vs. the Powers That Be w/ Neeraj Agrawal, Peter Van Valkenburg, Marco Santori
3:01:10 BREAK
3:14:10 Bitcoin & the Fight for Freedom w/ Alex Gladstein
3:55:25 BREAK
4:18:15 Second Layer, Third Halving w/ Elizabeth Stark