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JP Baric, CEO of Miningstore, on Bitcoin Mining and Energy Usage

JP Baric is the Founder and CEO of Miningstore, a well-established technology company that designs, builds, and operates large-scale cryptocurrency mining data centers. JP has been mining since Bitcoin was valued at $70/coin and regularly consults with Fortune 1000 companies entering the fast-paced cryptocurrency mining business. MiningStore was launched in 2016 with a focus on reducing friction and increasing financial access to the cryptocurrency mining industry. From a young age, JP has always had a passion for being his own boss. Since starting a robotics camp at only 15 years old, he has created three businesses and has led the development of ten cryptocurrency mining sites.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Benefits of Bitcoin mining on the rural electric grid
- Energy usage and bitcoins inherent value.
- How to build consistent returns in Bitcoin from 10 years of being in the space
- How to evaluate crypto protocols for longevity and value creation
- Selling energy back to the grid
- Building bitcoin mining rigs
- Transitioning from a debt-based monetary system to an energy-based
- Blackrock into Bitcoin
- Bitcoin halving