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Jason Guthrie, Head of Digital Asset Product for WisdomTree, on FTX Bankruptcy and Digital Funds


Jason Guthrie is the Head of Digital Asset Product for WisdomTree in Europe. Guthrie oversees WisdomTree’s digital assets efforts which include bringing new products to market, identifying opportunities to enhance existing products, driving distribution strategies, and leading client education and engagement on cryptocurrencies. He is responsible for efforts beyond the traditional product set and is actively pushing the digital asset agenda by pursuing alternative and strategic projects. 

Previously Guthrie was head of Capital Markets for WisdomTree in Europe for 4 years, where his team was responsible for ensuring clients had a smooth trade execution experience. Prior to joining WisdomTree, Guthrie worked at Deutsche Bank’s ETF Capital Markets group as well as Macquarie Bank as an Investment Executive based in Sydney, Australia. Jason holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from Macquarie University in Sydney. 

In this conversation, we discuss:

- FTX Bankruptcy 
- Asia dominating the crypto exchange landscape 
- WisdomTree’s crypto and blockchain strategy 
- Employee headcount at major exchanges 
- SBF being Robinhood, acquiring distressed companies 
- News being broken on Twitter 
- The power of Twitter 
- Bringing traditional assets on chain 
- Making crypto more accessible to everyone 
- Tokenizing bonds 
- Interest rates affecting the bond market 
- WisdomTree Prime’s digital wallet 
- Mass adoption needing trusted financial institutions 
- Peer-to-peer ecosystems