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Humayun Sheikh, CEO of, on AI, Machine Learning, Autonomous Agents, and Blockchains


Humayun Sheikh is the Founder and CEO of He is an entrepreneur, investor, and tech visionary passionate about AI, machine learning, autonomous agents, and blockchains. In the past, he was a founding investor in DeepMind where he supported commercialization for early-stage AI & deep neural network technology. Currently, he is leading as a CEO and co-founder, a start-up building the autonomy of the future. He is an expert on the topics of artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous agents, and the intersection of blockchain and commodities.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- The intersection of AI and crypto
- Autonomous software agents
- AI Training
- Connecting smart agents to automate web3 systems
- Agent-based trading tools for decentralized exchanges (DEXs)
- Large Language Models
- Development of advanced blockchain technologies to overcome the security and scalability challenges
- Machine Learning