17 August 2021 · 0 min read

Ethereum Has Already Flipped Bitcoin - Ran Neuner

In this video, Ran Neuner, host of the word's first televised cryptocurrency show featured on CNBC, is interviewed by crypto trader Scott Melker as they talk about the crypto market, its transition from early adoption stage to mainstream, and opportunities provided by the space.

Episode timestamps:

00:00 Intro
00:53 Crypto never sleeps
05:07 The Ran Neuner CNBC story
10:04 Building a crypto community
15:15 The crypto bill
18:43 Retail vs retail degen
20:12 Harmony
21:01 2013 scenario
21:50 Mainstream adoption?
25:14 Bitcoin and Ethereum
30:21 Diving down the crypto rabbit hole
34:47 Making it big
39:00 The flippening
40:56 Crypto life balance
47:18 Can crypto change lives?
50:50 Building a crypto community
55:36 Contact Ran

The interviewed aired on August 12, 2021.