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Daniel Paez, Executive Producer at Gods Unchained, on Web3 Gaming, Building AAA Games, and more


Daniel Paez is Executive Producer at Immutable Game’s flagship trading card game, Gods Unchained. As a developer of data-driven business strategies, Daniel focuses on bridging the gap between insights from a variety of players in the industry. These include linking information from business intelligence teams to key decision makers, product designers to commercial strategists, and brand management heads to social media influencers. Daniel uses a scientific approach to challenge assumptions and then to build a data-supported knowledge-base that influences business organizations, from the bottom up. Before joining Immutable, Daniel worked as the Director of Monetization for both Worldspark Studios and Big Time Studios. He also worked as the Senior Manager of Commercial Finance and Operations at Activision, and previously held several positions at gaming company, Blizzard Entertainment, most recently as Senior Manager of Publishing Intelligence.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Elevating the player experience
- Gods Unchained recent roadmap updates
- The future of web3 gaming
- New Content Creator Program
- Making AAA games is more difficult than making movies
- Making games vs. publishing games
- Regulation for web3 gaming
- New Pack Opening Experience
- $GODS token
- Immutable Games
- Staking in web3 gaming
- Season 2 + mobile soft launch