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Collin O’Brien on a Multiple Blockchain Future and Cross-Chain Swaps | CryptoNews Podcast #171


Collin O’Brien is the Head of Marketing at Rubic, a leading cross-chain swap service that allows users to swap assets between major blockchains in one click and with the lowest gas fees. 

Collin has 15+ years of experience in marketing and sales in multiple industries, including crypto, tech, real estate, and medical equipment. He has been a crypto investor for 5+ years and almost bought 1,000+ BTC in early 2011! He also was an investor in Rubic before becoming a team member. 

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Almost buying 1,000+ BTC in early 2011 
- Trusting your gut 
- it’s your moral compass 
- Investing in Rubic and then joining the team 
- Cross-chain swaps 
- why are they so important? 
- The future is multi-chain 
- What are SDKs? 
- Competition - there are usually two big behemoths 
- The tedious process of cross-chain trading 
- Rubic's Software Development Kit (SDK) 
- How far away are we from mass adoption 
- Applications being the catalyst for growth 
- Cross-chain in layman's terms 
- Advice to 20 year old self