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LIVE: Bitcoin 2022 Conference – Day 2 – Main Stage

Watch Day 2 of the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, Florida. 

The main event of the Bitcoin 2022 conference begins today. This live stream features all speeches from the main Nakamoto stage.

Agenda for today's event (all times are provided in EDT timezone):

  • 9:00AM: Welcome + Opening Remarks
  • 9:10AM: Cash App Announcements
    Speaker: Miles Suter (Bitcoin Product Lead at Cash App)
  • 9:30AM: Cash App Panel
    Speakers: Miles Suter (Bitcoin Product Lead at Cash App), Odell Beckham Jr. (American Football Star & Entrepreneur), Aaron Rodgers (NFL Quarterback & Future Hall of Famer), Serena Williams (Tennis Superstar & Investor).
  • 10:00AM: Billionaire Capital Allocators
    Speakers: Ricardo B. Salinas (Founder & President of Grupo Salinas), Orlando Bravo (Founder & Partner at Thoma Bravo), Marcelo Claure (Investor & Entrepreneur), Dan Tapiero (Founder & CEO of 10T Holdings & DTAP Capital), and Greg Foss (Executive Director at Validus Power Corp).
  • 10:45AM: Samson Mow Announcement
    Speaker: Samson Mow (CEO of Pixelmatic & Architect of Bitcoin Bonds).
  • 11:00AM: The Future Is Bright
    Speakers: Michael Saylor (Founder & CEO of MicroStrategy), and Cathie Wood (Founder & CEO of Ark).
  • 11:30AM: Fode Diop Keynote
    Speaker: Fode Diop (Founder of Bitcoin Developers Academy).
  • 11:45AM: Overcoming Idea Intertia Panel
    Speakers: David Zell (Co-founder of Bitcoin Policy Institute), Andrew Yang (Entrepreneur & Political Candidate), Dr. Jo Jorgensen (President of the Board of People For Liberty), and Allen Farrington (Independent Writer).
  • 12:15PM: Is Fiat Money Worth It?
    Speaker: Saifedean Ammous (Author of The Bitcoin Standard).
  • 1:20PM: Robinhood Announcement
    Speaker: Aparna Chennapragada (CPO at Robinhood).
  • 1:30PM: Peter Thiel Keynote
    Speaker: Peter Thiel (Co-founder of PayPal & Palantir).
  • 2:00PM: Bitcoin is Freedom
    Speakers: Alex Gladstein (CSO at the Human Rights Foundation), Yeonmi Park (North Korean Defector & Human Rights Activist), Farida Nabourema (Political Activist), and Fadi Elsalameen (Senior Fellow at the American Security Project).
  • 2:45PM: Cult of the Central Bank: A Fiat Religion
    Speaker: Ricardo B. Salinas (Founder & President of Grupo Salinas).
  • 3:00PM: Bitcoin Is F*ck You Money
    Speakers: Max Keiser (High Priest of Bitcoin), Francis Ngannou (MMA Wolrd Heavyweight Champion), Dave Portnoy (Founder of Barstool Sports), and Adam Curry (the father of podcasting).
  • 3:30PM: The Bitcoin Payments Revolution
    Speakers: Jack Mallers (CEO & Founder of Strike), Ken Kruger (Founder & CEO of Moon), Mike Brock (Lead of TBD at Block), Ivan Soto-Wright (Co-founder & CEO of MoonPay), and Bill Barhydt (Founder & CEO of Abra).
  • CANCELED - 4:15PM: President Bukele Keynote
    Speaker: Nayib Bukele (President of El Salvador).
  • 4:35PM: Jack Mallers (Untitled)
    Speaker: Jack Mallers (CEO & Founder of Strike).

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