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Barney Mannerings, Co-Founder of Vega Protocol, on Crypto Derivatives, DeFi and more


Barney Mannerings is the Co-Founder of Vega Protocol, the derivatives layer for Web3, backed by Coinbase, Pantera, and other prominent VCs. Barney sits at the intersection of institutional finance and crypto, having founded Vega after building two versions of the London stock exchange matching engine and working in capital markets in London for 15 years.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- SEC vs Coinbase and Binance
- Vega’s recent deployment on Alpha Mainnet
- Purpose-built Blockchains for DeFi Applications
- The present + future of Crypto Derivatives
- Permissionless Market Creation in DeFi
- DeFi Trading
- Retail Investors vs. Institutional Investors