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Anjali Young, Co-Founder and CCO of Collab.Land, on Token Gating, Digital Communities and more.


Anjali Young is the Co-Founder and CCO of Abridged Inc, the maker of Collab.Land. Anjali has been active in online communities since 1993 as a member and in leadership positions. She has also worked as a lawyer, adjunct professor, and early tech startup employee. In addition to her interest in online communities and web3 onboarding, she is passionate about NFTs and the artists who create them. Her role at Collab.Land focuses on onboarding all tokenized projects and partners onto the platform, ensuring Collab.Land’s “community of communities” is a safe and welcoming space, educating others about web3 ethos and values. 

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Collab.Land’s seven-part documentary series
- Behind the scenes of launching a token 
- Getting $COLLAB via signing into socials
- NFT royalties
- Engaging communities
- Token Gating
- Building out digital communities
- How NFT creators and DAO members can use web3 tooling to form relationships
- Providing safe spaces for token holders and the greater crypto community
- Launching a marketplace for developers and community administrators