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Andrew Smith, Founder of VRRB Labs, on the State of Blockchains, the Metaverse, and AI Use Cases


Andrew Smith is the Founder of VRRB Labs, a decentralized protocol that is developing the VRRB Layer 1 blockchain, an innovative blockchain that will make it easy and financially sustainable for developers to build user-friendly applications. Andrew founded VRRB Labs in 2020 after experiencing the challenges inherent in many blockchains, including a lack of scalability and developer-focused resources. Prior to founding VRRB Labs, Andrew served as co-founder and Chief Data Scientist of OWL ESG, a tech-driven ESG data provider. Andrew began his career as Chief Product Strategist of the investment firm New Millennium Macro. 

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Replacing the legacy financial system
- Nurturing developer communities
- State of blockchains
- The language barrier in developer tooling
- Metaverses should not be built on the blockchain
- The future of AI and Web3
- Creating more stable market makers
- AI interacting with on-chain programs
- AI use-cases