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. 1 min read

An Interview: Blockchain in the Global Trade

“If we really want this [blockchain] technology to have an impact on the international trade and facilitate the international trade, we need to have this dialogue at the sectoral level. The good thing is that companies are starting to realize the importance of this dialogue,” Emmanuelle Ganne, Senior Analyst at World Trade Organization, said in an interview with Also, she stressed the importance of a regulatory framework. “If you only have the technology and your legislation still requires a paper copy, you won’t be able to go digital, so we won’t be able to move towards paperless trade,” she said, adding that regulators need to work on this if they want the technology to have an impact on the global trade. In the interview, Emmanuelle Ganne has also discussed what role cryptocurrencies may play in the international trade, what has been done in order to use blockchain in this trade, what is happening on the sectoral level and how companies might share their good practices in implementing blockchain-based solutions.

Last November, Emmanuelle Ganne published a book "Can Blockchain Revolutionize International Trade?" At the book launch, she said that blockchain could be the next to transform trade after the shipping container. Meanwhile, for services, it could with smart contracts do what robots did for manufacturing.